[Client Crash] - Fatal Error upon launch


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash
Issue Title: Fatal Error upon launch
Issue Description: The game just doesn't start. I'm getting a similar error to other people who also mention a fatal error, but mine hasn't cleared after a restart.
Steps to Reproduce: Launch the game through Steam.


Hm. This appears to be the case for all my games. I think this is a Steam issue, not a Don't Starve Together issue.

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Hey there @ArcticFox789

Are you given a message or anything when you attempt to start the game, or do you just click play and nothing happens? What happens exactly when you click the play button in steam?


A fatal error message. I'll give you a screenshot in a second.



This is the message. I click play, the generic 'Preparing to launch game pops up' and then a DS window pops up, but it just spits up this error, no game to go with it.

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Huh. This is funny, because a crash got fixed for when Steam is down. But also very strange.


Well, last throw of the dice for me, just tried uninstalling and reinstalling Steam.


EDIT -  Completely forgot to backup my saves beforehand. Crap. Aaand still broken.  :grin:

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