[Gameplay] - Koalefant's track spawning right next to me.


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Currently the Koalephant tracks spawn at random intervals all over the world.

I want to think the spawn rate has been greatly increased so as to accommodate multiple people in a server in need of food.


So it's not so much a bug as it is a gameplay mechanic that needs a little tweaking.

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Something is definitely off about the Koalefant tracks.


My partner and I started a closed default world (Wilson/Wickerbottom) this afternoon, and we noticed that after the very first Koalefant spawned, every time he went to uncover a new first track, he got the "dead end" messaging (the tracks go no further, etc). This happened at least 5 times.


Then I went to uncover a a track for the first time, which was found in our base... same thing, dead-end.


Then he went to uncover a track, outside our base... and it finally worked again.


Also odd, I had the same thing OP mentioned happened in our base... the track appeared out of nowhere, just a few moments after my partner had a Koalefant spawn and was chasing it back home. I followed the tracks until I spawned the second Koalefant, but the generation of them was weird. The tracks were spawning almost directly on top of one another, and just kept pointing me back to where I last uncovered one. I just kept going up-and-down, back-and-forth, between the same 2 areas.


EDIT: oh, perhaps I should also say, my partner was hosting the server.

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