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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Crazy Werepigs

Issue Description: For some reason the abnormal werepigs in our world act a bit funny.

When I say abnormal, I mean they were created by my dead ghost friends.

They were all Pig Guardians and when they were turned into werepigs they have stayed in that form for several days.

It gets stranger as they do not target anything. No targets to food, players, mobs, or anything. They just run around aimlessly for days on end, doing nothing but being a minor pest.

If I remember I think the only target they ever had were the other pig guardians but once they were dead they had nothing.

Steps to Reproduce: -Join a server

-Die or have a friend die to become a ghost

-Haunt pigs or pig guardians until they have become werepigs

-make sure they are alive

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Was hosting the server with the OP. "Eugene" and "Mr.P" while harmless, were just nuisances. It was kind of funny watching a Spider chase one of them down for an entire day though. 


It was funny but also slightly terrifying.  I never knew if the AI was going to suddenly just change their mind and  run on over all willy-nilly to come and murder me.


Kind of sad now the pig guardians aren't respawning because of this. Hoping the spider den attracts beefalo.


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