Don't Starve on Android

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Hey there!


I've been thinking for a while that having a game like Don't starve ported to Android seemed very possible and fun! I imagine that a touch screen would be perfect for the game as u can just tap on the screen where you want to go, pinch to zoom in and out, etc.


Not the mention putting the game on the market would definitely generate more money for the developers!

Was wondering if anyone from the Don't Starve team could shed some light on the subject and maybe suggest it as a future plan for the team!  


Otherwise just keep up the great work! Worth every little penny, including the DLCs which usually are not worth the money on other titles!  



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If Klei does make a tablet version for Don't Starve, that'll be waaaaaaay way into the future. Android's a whole different ball game too, I'm hoping you knew that.

But yes, the more platforms capable of playing Don't Starve would surely be a good thing in the long run market-wise and such.

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