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Tried something different in terms of coloring style. I'm not really happy how this turned out that much, and I'm likely going to fix it up thoroughly when I'm done with my homework.





Seems to look better with at least one zoom in (To me anyway).

Link to Deviantart:


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Been a while since an upload. I've been busy with schoolwork and stuff. That and mostly goofin' off and preparing for my nearing Midterms. But anyway, tried something similar with the previous one, but went towards a different direction. Not a hundred percent happy with it, but it'll serve me well for something else I have in mind when I have more free time. It involves poetry.




Link to DeviantArt: http://reivenmore.deviantart.com/art/Don-t-Starve-Insanity-489656743?ga_submit_new=10%253A1413815896

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