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  1. inhumanrobot just WOW!! Your art has inspired me wow I ADORE ALL OF IT you are amazingly skilled and talented!! Such great work oh boy oh man oh golly gee keep it up!!
  2. Hey guys! Long time no see! I thought I'd finally add an art thread here after much debate and fighting with myself. Everyone has such inspiring work here, so I hope my doodles can entertain you! They're kind of large so be warned. Let's start... And my personal favorite... Thanks much for taking a look! I hope you enjoyed it, I'll do my best to post more on this thread in future!
  3. Sweet lord you're art is amazing!! I really love your drawing style! It's so posh and beautiful! Perhaps we might see a drawing in the future of daddy Wilson daughter Wendy? I really dig the guardian/godchild type of dynamic thing with those two ugh. Keep up your fantastic work!
  4. Just my little fanart corner

    I love your style! Such a right blend of creepy~ Keep up the great work!!
  5. The anticipation and excitment!!! Good luck to you all! May Maxwell be ever in your favor!
  6. Oh my goodness that little comic/stage of grief thing looks so wonderful already kjshfvksjdhgvkhjvskhjfkhsg I love the Wilson Wendy duo so much aaaaaaaaaah <3 Good job so far and can't wait to see more!
  7. Welcome to the forums! I absolutely LOVE your art! Wendy is my favorite and I adore seeing her interact with Wilson myself! They make a good duo, putting me in the mind of Garry and Ib haha~ My beloved and I will be using them prominently when we play Don't Starve Together! So you know I'm loving this art! You have such skill and such a great style!! Keep up this amazing work!
  8. Finally I have internet again and can s- OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is PERFECT! Thank you so so so so so so soooooo much!!!! <333 I love it!! Aaaah just look at them all! So perfect! I love it so much! Thank you!!!!
  9. "Say,pal..."

    I originally thought "He must have brought me here! But... Why?" and I was hooked! As for my thoughts on Maxwell in general...
  10. Ahhh yes yes yes that would be an amazing cinematic to witness!!! Wendy is my absolute favorite so of COURSE I would cherish that in all my days as I just LOVE Don't Starve animations! Funny you should mention Bastion... My beloved actually mentioned it himself and linked me to a few he calls very "Don't Starve", including In Case of Trouble! I really enjoy that soundtrack and would actually love to play the game itself! But for now... I play Don't Starve and soon Don't Starve Together!! Tell me do you write? You're quite the prolific author! I'd love to read work of yours. ^^
  11. Ragtime is wonderful. I also love Spring Cleaning myself aaaaah~ Such good music in this game. Hm, there is also a song I picture Wendy singing by the fire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXpnI52cLEc Hehe, my beloved and I have this running joke that when we play Don't Starve Together I will sing this as Wendy by the fire and he as Wilson will cut in loudly with "Lean on Me".
  12. Your art is AMAZING!!! I adore it very much!! The way you draw Wendy is so great and THAT MAXWELL AH! Also love your Wilson too! You just do such a great job!! Keep up the great work it's so inspiring! <3 If you're still taking requests, could you do a scene with Wilson, Wendy, and Chester please? Something heartwarming, like they have a moment to breathe and just be human for a while?