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My Don't Starve WX-78 Story(as it stands now)

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So I know alot of veteran players use WX-78 because of the gear upgrades,so I decided to try it out.I spawn,explore a little and immediately find a tentacle spike because of a bunch of guard pigs guarding berry bushes spawned next to a swamp with tentacles. I also got plenty of food to start me off from the engagement,and everything was good. THEN,I saw 2 gears on the ground next to two clockwork horses. I grab the gears and run,so already I'm coming out swinging with the upgrades. Eventually(after some boring material grabbing and making a straw hat to keep the rain off of my head)I had prepared myself with a grass suit and charged the clockwork horses,killing them and upgrading myself further(Hurray!).  Eventually I jumped through a worm hole and ended up in a forest surrounded by spiders and the remnants of a basecamp. I searched the basecamp and continued south into a desert. 


This is where things start to go downhill.


I ran into some hound mounds and managed to dispatch some hounds and gather gold,having enough materials for a science machine now.After more material gathering I skirted around the edge of the desert and eventually came to a small plains biome and a few birch forests.Finding nothing but spare materials and a pig house in the birch forest,I set up a campfire for the night. Then I made the worst mistake of my life. I hovered the green mushrooms I'd found over the fire(I wanted to top off my sanity) and accidentally ate them. Now I was low on sanity. 


However,I did manage to make it to the next day. As soon as dawn broke I scouted for flowers and eventually went back up to the remains of the basecamp to setup a science machine so I could quickly prototype a few things just to get my sanity back up. Things took a turn for the worst again,I had neglected to find logs and night fell upon me without the materials for any sort of light(I didn't notice I had ran out of grass). Luckily it was raining and that kept Charlie off my back,but then once again my adventure took a nose dive into a crap when my sanity began dropping faster because of the night,which caused me to run through spiders nests. Eventually Charlie managed to get a swipe at me in between sparks,so I ran and ran past the spiders and what-not before Charlie once again managed to swipe and dispatch me.


I revived at a nearby touchdown and recovered my things,and eventually worked up enough sanity to jump back through the wormhole (After destroying the science machine I made to gain the materials back).I continued to search for materials and my quest to find a suitable place for a basecamp led me to the far west,where I followed the path and eventually found a pig village,which could provide me both with protection and manure in the long run. But,once again,things went awry and I found myself in a full moon with werepigs,spiders,and ghosts(Oh my!) on my back for the entire night. I kited them around until morning and then ran a suitable distance from the pig village. (Destroying a science machine I had made earlier,forgot to mention it)


So,I found a place for my basecamp,got it all setup. (Currently there is only a science machine and a campfire,would have had a lightning rod if it wasn't for accidentally wasting two gold) and finally cleared out the spider nests around my base. So,that's my story as it stounds now...Might update this in the future.


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