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  1. So hyped for this, thank you for all the hard work, Klei!! It's been super nice to see these QoL updates throughout the year polish up the game quite a bit. However, I'm now even more excited to jump back into big content updates! A bit sad there wasn't a Klei Points link in this post...
  2. Can confirm: The warning does appear on the item when I try and redeem it. So this "bug" is definitely closed now.
  3. Yeah, Walter's slingshot and its ease of accessibility have especially highlighted the sorta ridiculousness of the high costs for each individual dart ammo.
  4. Interesting. Just opened a Loot Stash yesterday. What was bugged about the logic of it?
  5. I've seen a couple mentions here of how "Don't Starve's combat is so boring, plz rework" but just to point out that there are other perspectives, I for one don't mind the current combat system and am not of the opinion that a bunch of changes are needed to "rework" it. I know farming and boating are already more complex systems these days for new players, I don't think a more intimidating combat system is totally necessary. Everyone is going to have their own opinions, though, so definitely go with whatever you guys feel is best, Klei.
  6. Heh. Antlion "bug".
  7. Oh goodie, I was having issues with this just today. (Playing as Walter, trying to target multiple Batalisks in a row with my slingshot by mashing the 'F' button. There was a SIGNIFICANT delay in between each pellet shot.) Great to see this getting fixed!
  8. Ah, okay, that makes sense. I used up my remaining Klei points yesterday, but when I get some more I will report back on if the warning appears or not. Thanks for the reply!
  9. This may belong in [Don't Starve Together] Suggestions and Feedback, so feel free to move it there if that is the case. I have some DST items that I already own on my account. (For example, the Monstrous Lantern.) However, some of them are still available to "Redeem" on the Klei Rewards site, regardless. It would be very nice if the Klei Rewards synced up with your account to show items which you received in drops but didn't buy as "Successfully Redeemed!" As it is, I sometimes am unsure if I already own an item or not and I will accidentally buy something twice which I already had and cannot receive my Klei points back.
  10. Amazing! So many good fixes and great new features in this update, thanks Klei!! (Including reverting the mouse button changes for now.)
  11. This is great stuff, thank you for the answer to those questions! I'm not quite sure what would be causing that lag, especially if it appears to be Sanity-related, but I bet there are other users on this forum who will have a better idea on how to pin this problem down. To get more traction with this question, I would edit the title of the post to be something more unique. Something like "Low sanity seems to be causing unexpected results?" Otherwise there's a good chance many people are going to scroll past this question without reading it because (no fault of your own) there are many low-quality and low-effort posts out there with very similar titles made by people who are just complaining but don't give any details about their problem or help try to fix it.
  12. Using the Beefalo Bell to bond/unbond in the Caves seems to have worked! Thanks, everybody!