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Can we save our game on multiplayer?

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My question is this: For dedicated people playing together on like a private server, will we be able to save the game? One of the great things about the Don't Starve experience is seeing how long you can survive in one world. Me and my friends want to be able to play the same game for long periods of time to see how well we'll do together.


In Empire Earth, when me and my family used to play, there was an auto save feature and if for some reason the game crashed, all 4 of us who was playing was able to log back in and resume right where we left off. I'm assuming if it had that, then it also had a way for us to save for the night and all 4 of us log out and continue another day. The game remembered who was playing so only those people could log back on that saved file and continue the game.


I believe Don't Starve Together needs to have this function so a dedicated group of people can get on and Don't Starve Together for as long as they can.


If I need to post this somewhere else where it'll be seen by the developers, please someone tell me where to post this where they'll see this. I'm new to these forums. Thank you.

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Civilization V has something like that too.

If you save a online game, the human players stay locked until the original players log in, and if the host decides, he can kick the players, allowing new people to join the match.

Just got in civ v few days ago and this mechanic seems to be exectly what Do not ******* Starve Together needs
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Oh man, you brought back some great memories of late nights playing Empire Earth with my college friends. XD


But yes, having a similar sort of auto-save feature available, at least for private games, would be nice. Klei's been very strong to their stance of offering the player base as much variation and freedom in how they wish to play Don't Starve Together as possible, so hopefully even something like the permanency of these worlds will be customizable to some degree. There's a couple different ways to effectively do multiplayer server world-saving, I think it's a guarantee we'll get at least one good one, and if we're lucky and the DST devs are able to pull it off, we'll get a few choices for how we wish to return to our multiplayer worlds.

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