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Friend List, On/Off, Whisper & Chat History

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I was wondering how the multiplayer of Don't Starve will play out. I do not mean the gameplay but rather the interactions between players. Will it be like Minecraft where you can just join a server and you may only whisper people inside that server while being unable to add people as friends? Or like Warcraft 3, where you can add people as friends, know if they are online or offline, whisper them while they are playing independently of which server they are in. Is there gonna be a Profile like in Monster Hunter where you can add a modest yet useful About You text? What about a chat history? From the little I have seen, the chat only shows 6 messages and we yet don't know what the maximum of players will be.



I apologize in advance if anything of this has been already confirmed or mentioned. 

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Don't get me wrong, but... not everyone has or wants to use Steam. Also, that'd make porting to PS4/vita impossible.


Yep, we're not even sure if people with the standalone will be able to crossplay with people with a steam copy


So I think everything will be limited to its respective server.

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