New Caves and Tile Sets

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Hello there. You may remember me from the Wallace thread about new characters, and I have a few ideas about caves. Please post our thoughts and opinions in the comments, I love to hear what you think. 


                                            The Core

      So, I thought the third and final layer of caves could be called the Core. There would be small pools of lava that would burn most items if thrown in and would cause massive damage if walked across. Islands would be separated by rivers of lava which could only be crossed by a new item/entity/vehicle, the Hovercopter. New mobs would be the Firefeather, a female chicken that is orange and red, and provides a source of light. Every 3 days a chicken will lay an egg, which has a 10% chance of hatching into a Firechick. Firechicks grow into a Firefeather or Firooster in 3 days. Every Firefeather colony has 3-10 nests in it, with one Firefeather per nest. Every colony will 1 Firooster for every 3 Firefeathers.Firefeather eggs will not have chicks if there is no Firooster in the colony. If a there are too many Firoosters in the colony they will leave the colony with all present chicks and start a new one. Firefeathers are only hostile when waiting for their eggs to hatch, while Firoosters are hostile whenever there are chicks around. Eggs not containing chicks can be picked up by the player and eaten raw only (Since it is a fire egg). They will restore 30 hunger, 15 health and -15 sanity.Firefeathers and Firoosters drop 0-3 crimson feathers and 1-3 cooked morsels, while Firechicks drop 1 cooked morsel and 1 crimson feather Other mobs include Chimp-Imps, fire-elemental spelukeys that breathe fire, dealing 30 damage. They only have 45 health however. Every 10 minutes spent in the core will spawn a shower of falling Chimp-Imps, Hellhouds, and fire. After all enemies are deafeted red and purple gems, gold, and lava rock will rain from the ceiling. A new boss called the Phoenix has a random chance of spawning. He is a giant, loosely humanoid, mechanical Firooster that can spawn aggressive Firoosters and flies around, suddenly swooping down to attack a enemy, then flying up again. It can only be attacked by ranged weapons while flying. It drops 12 gears , 10 crimson feathers and 2 new items, the heater, and the propeller. 


                                          Jungle Tile Set

   Perhaps there could be a jungle location, with dense (Banyan?) trees, both types of ponds, surface spelunkys with brown coats that swoop from trees to steal from you, banana trees, coconut trees, and guardian pig torches, as well as a few pig houses. Also, as a new feature, ticks can also have a very low chance of attaching to you after passing through a jungle or plains biome or being very close to a beefalo for a minute of two. Ticks will drain 5 health from you every minute, and can be removed by having a bath (see below), or removing them wit a razor at the cost of 10 health.


New Items:

Hovercopter: a way of getting over lava rivers and possibly oceans, very slow. Requires a shadow manipulator. 12 gears, 1 propeller, and 5 cut stone.

Bathtub: Alchemy Engine. Requires 8 cut stone, 1 hardened rubber bung, and the heater. Restores 75 sanity, has 5 uses. Must be filled with water to use.

Bucket: Science Machine, requires 2 boards,3 flint, and 1 twig. Can be filled with water at a pond.\


New things are being added!!! Thanks for your support, comments, and suggestions!!! I read them all  :love_heart:



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I must say the idea of adding another level to caves is not what i was thinking about: caves are now very challenging.

Having said that, the addition of a bucket to gather up water is a fantastic idea. I believe it could be used as a refreshing item in the real game.


My opinion is that before making the caves a bit more challenging Klei should improve the up-world by adding more animals either passive/active for each season.

Look-up for my post in "New Seasonal Animals".

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