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Some details about DST from PAX

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You cannot silence the internet~

True. But if each person held their silence out of respect for what has been said to them, that would be a totally different story.

Now I'm not implying anything, this is just a response to your response in response to something that is a pretty reliable response to someone who has had an awesome response from playing Don't Starve Together.

In truth I want to be sure before I start posting links to this thread all over the Internet :)

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Nahh, PAX is a public con, no worries about NDA. 



Anyway, Klei said they weren't going to record their gameplay but it was fine if others did. We can speak about it. Post like the fanbois we are :p 


But my thanks to eryhau for sharing this! I hope you stick around the Klei forums for more DS discussions! 

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In all honesty it was a great deal of fun, I think someone posted a gameplay video on the subreddit as well. Oh, and no they didn't mention keeping anything secret. If they had I would have totally respected it.

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I just noticed this bit of text here.


Haunting does different things for what you haunt. When you haunt a tree, it might catch on fire or turn into a treeguard for example.


So you could spawn the treeguard to screw with any rogue werebeavers...  That could be a nice comeback if you deal with that kind of player.

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