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DST ironic/good/bad teams

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So if ur reading this make a team of either 2 or 4 and make it good, bad, or just ironic

First up, Wilson and maxwell for ironic

Army or Wes or wickerbottems for bad

Wx76,Wilson,wickerbottem, and webber for good

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I sense your definition of irony may be wrong.


"Wilson & Maxwell just because" is not ironic at all


"Wilson & Maxwell in order to beat adventure mode" is ironic, since Maxwell himself is the boss mob ;D


EDIT: For the dum dums who can't google a nice explanation up, or those who don't bother: Irony is when the intend/reason is opposite to the fact/effect.

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Wx87 (for tanking, he can take all the stale/spoiled food from other teammates)

Wilson (for effigies, although, if there will be other ways to revive players, he can easily be replaced by someone else, maybe wickerbottom, she has free tech level and can spawn permanent tentacles for weapons and such, insta-grow crops/turft/trees)


Now the other 2 members really would depend on the style. I'd say one of them being Wigfrid (since she has exclusive weapon and helm which she can share now and has a 1,25 dmg multiplier) and Woodie (as a werebeaver he can help a lot in getting resources for the base)


I'd say this is the optimal team, but depends.


Can Wes be even considered for a player slot? He is just a hard mode character as far as I know. But anyway:


2 Wes's for a bad team.

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