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I hope we start in separate areas... or have the option to

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Seriosuly, don't starve has always been difficult, brutal even at times. I really want to start in a different part of the world from my friends, make an epic journey to find them, etec etc... we should definitely have that option.


Starting together would be way too easy... I want to struggle to survive.

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Being together would even make things harder. You need double the food to survive on the same area if you were alone, it's not like you cover more distance when together except when splitting up, which wouldn't really be "being together".


For example

Alone: You run around, eat every berry on a berry bush and can maintain your hunger like that.

As two: You run around, take turns with eating berries from bushes, ultimately leading to you getting half the berries, making both of you slowly die unless you find additional sources.


The only advantages of coop together would be that building a base is faster and the combat.

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