Thoughts on how DST will update with DS

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I am asking people who have an idea of how the games engine works and people who have an idea.

So from what i have heard DST is being built from the bottom as basically an identical copy of the original game but built to handle MP. My question is do you think that the developers will have to update both games separately when a DLC/Update comes out? Or can they just copy and paste the DLC/Update from one to the other?

do you think that the engine will be different to the point that they will have to make two versions of the new content? 

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DST will become part of DS, just like how RoG isnt a seperate thing you have to execute in order to play, if you have it, you download it and start up DS and is there.


DST will be added to any copy of the game when it comes out, as well as be part of DS when people buy it in the future. Its a DLC thats being added to the core game basically. So when DS gets an update, DST will get an update, kinda. Even though whatever being updated might not be for both; DST and DS will be one and the same, DST is just Don't starve's multiplayer mode.


As for the rest Im not sure, and not really our place to say. The devs will do what they think is best for the game in the end, if that means two different don't starves in my steam library then fine. But I doubt that would happen.

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