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Krampus,A.K.A. What do I know so far

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For first of all,krampus is that goat man with sack wich destroys your chests and puts goodies into his sack.

How to be Naughty :

-Kill Rabbits

-Kill Birds

-Kill Pigs

-Kill Beefalos

-Kill Smallbirds (This one especialy angers him,confirmed by me and qwerm)

-Kill Butterflies

(?) Kill Bees,Tallbirds (I will test it,but i think neither of them are innocent.Bees just seem to hate you and Tallbirds..too)

So thats killing little innocent animals..And big stupid animals,like pigs and beefalos.Basicaly earning meat.

How to be Nice :

-Make a bird cage,and get a bird new home

-Hatch a Smallbird and dont turn it into a morsel

What does he drops :

-A 10 Slot backpack,i dont got myself one,i heard a word from a friend


-The items he stole


Tree Fort (Or any fort)

Backpack (Does not steal,confirmed by Spazmatic)

Swarm of small birds,pigs (If they can swarm him,he wont be able to run away)

Night (He falls asleep)


Forgiveness (He has a hearth - he can forgive..Wont stop me killing him!)


HP - 4-5 Hits with spear,8-12 Hits with a tool,2-4 Hits with Tentacle Spike

Damage - 50 Without logsuit , 10 With Logsuit , ? with Helm , ? with helm and logsuit

Inteligence - Low,Gobbler Brain,Comes at you from the ocean

Forgiveness - Jumps into his bag similar to maxwell after having nothing to do.

Speed - Almost Of light,A.K.A. Almost Very fast

Number-For first time he came at me,was alone,second time his bro came too.(?,now comes in smaller numbers?)

Lure - Chests,Items on Ground (Will firstly go for these,BEWARE!)

Noise - Unique,undescriptable

Hates - Naughty Kids,Adults and Smallbird + Pig armies

You can see him when: - After getting 27 Hard Earned Rabbits from Traps i got 26 Morsel and he was onto me.Also about 4-5 Smallbirds are enough to provoke his wrath.

Another playthrought,i killed 8 Pigs and he came at me too.He likes pigs more!

All for now..

Updated on dec 12 Hotfix

Edited by Rainbow Knight
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hmm, a thought;

will they target empty chests?

if so, i'm thinking of setting bait chests, or at the very least a small perimeter of chests with random excess materials like grass and sticks if empty chests don't entice them enough. Perhaps surrounding the bait chests with bee mines for additional efficacy against them?

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Guest Dandytard

May I ask Mr. Serial Pig Kille- Er, I mean, Mr. Rainbow, If I'm allowed to make a topic similiar to this one, Stating my opinions of Krampus, And what information I have gathered through my sources about him.

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May I ask Mr. Serial Pig Kille- Er, I mean, Mr. Rainbow, If I'm allowed to make a topic similiar to this one, Stating my opinions of Krampus, And what information I have gathered through my sources about him.

Nah, i'd say it's best to keep all info on same topics in as few threads as possible; it'll help us all figure out this mystery faster by focusing like conversations together so that community knowledge can progress faster.

Add what you've found here, and if rainbow knight is paying attention, he can transcribe your info up to the first post, to consolidate known info thus far.

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Guest Dandytard

Well alright, You asked for this.

This will contain spoilers and should not be read if you're not older than 16 at least.

The origin of Mr. Krampus:

His early years were unknown, However, He was noticed when he attempted to steal the Queen of England, Which he even succeeded at doing ( By placing her in his giant bag). His quick movements gave him a headstart, And the police could not keep up with him, Even with cars, As the subject was parkouring through the neighbourhood. Then a helicopter was launched, Along with a sniper which wielded sleeping darts instead of actual bullets as to not harm the queen. After a few attempts, Krampus fell to the ground, Asleep. He was later arrested and condemned to 50 years in a maximum prison. His cellmate was a infamous pedophile by the name of Maxwell, Who promised Krampus freedom, And all the items he would find to himself, If he followed him abroad.

After busting through the wall of their cell, They escaped mysteriously into the night, Not a single trail of them, other then a large hole in the wall, was left.

Well, I did warn you about making a different topic!~

The only reason he's so fast is because he spent most of his time running. ( From the cops )

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Sigh, it is depressing to see how small of a change you have to get the Krampus sack, I have been trying for ages now, oh well.

yeah, and at only 2 more slots with which to carry stuff, i'm not gonna bother trying for it, i'll just avoid the wrath of krampus and be a pseudo-hippy while i'm on an expedition.

well, at least until I can get crock pots on all my islands, then i'll proly start farming spider nests MUCH more often.

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@ Dandytard

I still nom on the tasty pig meat.To the point,krampus came at me.At least i have my storage area in a maze too..Poor gobbler guy...I got a bit of coal off him though,not his bag.Also,how did Krampus come to beat naughty kids with his bag?And..if maxwell made him...Why only naughty?Why not smash you with his bag as Soon as you spawn?Cool story,but not true.

@ Aerow



Thanks for confirmation.Qwerm - Its better to be in one post, i agree,but if someone does not love impaling pigs,he can make his own post.Also he is weak,you should anger him..For the lols.

@ 501105

Well...Im impaling pig heads on spikes but he just doesnt wants to come..Darn.I want that sack!And the cake too..

[Made it all in one post,to keep spam on low,when im done with more resarch,and he will show himself(Goddamnit,i shouldnt build near ocean),il update the main one.Once the Mystery of Mysterious Krampus..(Wish his name was on M) il stop updating the post.]

Update: Darn.I died while rushing thru a swamp at night.Resarch is delayed as i got blocked in my ressurection tree fort part,and blocked by beefalo..If i could only fist him..But the size is so small..

Edited by Rainbow Knight
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