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Semi amusing Journal of 100 days in Don't Starve


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Dairy of The Gamer Gal- Don't Starve. (As Journal)

Day 1. Initial interest sparked. Don't Starve. Simple enough instruction. Berries, carrots and even seeds all prove good sources of not starving. Though those rabbits look delicious too.

Night 1. The Darkness. It is hostile. Bless the fireflies that keep the dark at bay. There is something out there and it is coming to kill me... EVERY night.

Day 2- Sense of urgency and purpose found. Step one. Make a better fire. Torches will not be enough in the darkness. Also its time to catch that damn rabbit! I swear I will learn how.

Day 3- Rabbit meat. Deliciously bloody.

Day 4- Accidentally caused a forest fire.. Will need to learn to make the larger fire pit... Soon.

Day 6. Spiders still wander into my night camp. Often. I kill them on site but more than one is too much for me to handle. There must be a better way to survive against them?

Day 12- Its been a while now. The island is mostly explored now. It was an interesting wonder. Those crows dont seem to do more than drop seeds. Still they are good company. I shall name one Poe. Wish I could keep him as a pet.

Day 20- Days are starting to flow together a bit more. I found a bridge leading off the island. After my first and much shorter life in this game I shall wait before I take it. I have built a science machine. I do not yet know what it does.

Day 25- Discovery of Science machine's purpose. Knowledge. Food doesnt feed the machine well but processed wood and stone seem to suit it. Still they take much effort to produce. I shall feed it gold. There is no other purpose for that yet.

Day 27. Discovered COOKING. no more raw meat.

Day 32- Left first island and spread to a second. There are large beasts on this island. And Grasslands.

Day 33. Armour- Thank the GODS for armour. I now fight back against the spiders and eliminate the nests when they are too close to camp.

Day 50- Days are a pattern now. Hunt, gather, explore. I have several islands nearby that I know about now. Some are not at all useful. Others infested with spiders.

Day 60- All islands found. Flint is ear marked as the resource that will most limit me as I thought earlier on. I have an island with much stone. I shall save this reserve.

Day 70- Found one more island through careful exploration. Starting to grow bored. Spiders near main camp eliminated. Farming established. No need for me to hunt anymore. I can explore all the tiny smudges i left out.

Day 80- What now?

Day- 90 lead parties of pigs into battle. They CAN die. Thank goodness. I was starting to hate the sight of them following me.

Day 100- I no longer require to leave camp for more than a sneeze of time to gather grass, manure and sticks to burn for my fires. Even if those go Out. I feel my Fireflies shall keep me.

I am fully able to survive on current stocks for... A VERY long time...

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That would be the the Poe my dear Toaster Fu.And no creative story telling needed. I had a few islands. I named them.Cow King island.Spider island- very unfriendly place with 17 nests on it.Flint islandScience island- Nothing very special about it just put a science machine there and accidentally built a chest on a fire.Swamp islandHomeland- where i started the game.Grasslands. Which is a kinda double island half grassland and half forest..

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i got to day 159 on:Trap-Meat island- buffalo herd right next to a swamp biome full of tentaclesdied cause i was trying to protect a smallbird from 12 hounds with a pan flute, couldn't kill them in time when they were coming one by one

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Entries like this inspired me to do a sort of narrative set of Journal Entries. I tried to imagine what a Gentleman Scientist would sound like and wrote a few days, I'd love to hear your opinion:




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