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  1. I must say I'm very flattered. I'll try and keep living up to your high praise, thanks for the support!
  2. The next entry, a cautionary tale of the dangers of woodcutting:
  3. The saga continues, enjoy!
  4. Woops! How embarassing. These links should work: for the kind words, I'll see if I can't whip some more up in the coming days.
  5. When I play Don't Starve I find myself narrating a journal to ease the pervading terror. I decided to start writing it out in a more formal and amusing format. So I present to you Wilson's Journal Days 1-3. newest entry depicts some of the dangers of simple chores:
  6. Thanks for the tip Snob (very hard to write that sentence without seeming defensive). I was on the fence about where it belonged since it had some actual information in it. Thanks for clarifying, I'll make a new thread in Art and Lore at some point today.
  7. Entries like this inspired me to do a sort of narrative set of Journal Entries. I tried to imagine what a Gentleman Scientist would sound like and wrote a few days, I'd love to hear your opinion:
  8. I've really enjoyed playing Don't Starve. As I've played I often find myself narrating in my head as though I'm writing a journal. I understand that a major part of Don't Starve's appeal is the enjoyment of discovery, the lack of a safety net, and learning by doing (and dying). That's why when I set out to create a basic tutorial I wanted one that would be just enough to get someone going without spoiling too much or piercing the suspension of disbelief. To that end I've created a set of Journal Entries that would get someone through their first three days and give them a good place to start from. So I present to you: Wilson's Journal Days 1-3 next entry, a cautionary tale of the dangers of woodcutting: