[IDEA] Get rid of Beefalo's Nighttime aggro

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Okay so I had my base built in a Beefalo plains-biome. Turbo Farm, Speedy Farm, Two Chests, Firepit, Bee Box, Tree Farm, Grass Farm, and Twig/Sapling Farm.

All was well, I heard Krampus a couple times and killed two packs of Hounds.

However, I got hungry in the middle of the night.

At night (since I couldn't see) I thought the other Beefalo wouldn't wake up if I attacked one of them.

So I attacked. Next thing I know, I'm down to 10 health because my LOG SUIT BROKE.

So I died.

My thought here is either:

1. The log suit absorbs the hit AS IT BREAKS.

2. Nerf/get rid of Beefalo's aggro at NIGHT

Seriously, do they have a telepathic link or something?

I understand in the daytime, because they could see their comrade being slaughtered.

But at NIGHT is just RIDICULOUS.


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Or they could add free Beefalo meat vending machines.... Oh and an EZ chair! and a TV!

If you are that worried, whack one during the day and then run pell mell into the swamp. Then run around until the whole herd has found something more interesting to do. Later come back and pick up meat and spiked clubs.

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