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  1. Charlie the Spider

    My friends died. Darned tallbirds and their aggro! My poor little smallbirds didn't stand a chance!
  2. Those hounds went too far. No one touches Puff. Those pigs, they went too far, also. Never come close to my eggs.
  3. New character Markus The Mad

    I don't believe characters without their name starting in "W" will be added. Wilson Willow Wendy Wolfgang See what I mean?
  4. Or perhaps Beefalo fur? Not beard hair, because it would restrict the candle to Wilson.
  5. I don't believe any structures besides a fence will be added. This isn't Minecraft.
  6. 1. Wildlife still behaves normally. A. Bunny did run back. B. They didn't get trapped. 2. A. B.
  7. YES SIR! I'll get to work right away! I'm on a suicide mission for some tallbird eggs! 1. Spider will follow you. 2. You do get spiked. 3. Grue kills you. TORCH: Runs out!
  8. Dub the screenshot

    "Awwwwww, the fire's gone!"
  9. I've done it again. Here's the steps. 1. Go near an unexplored part of the map. 2. Hold the appropriate directional key. 3. As you're holding it, change tabs and wait a while. 4. Come back, stop, and check your map.
  10. Well, I was walking (I used a little glitch so that I didn't have to sit there and hold A, by changing tabs) and when I came back and checked my progress... Well there you go. I believe it was due to my changing-of-tabs, but I've done it many times before and this never happened.
  11. What's wrong with this picture? Anyone? Anyone else had this error/bug?
  12. Here it is: You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You and the stranger both like ****. Stranger: Show me your **** You: ( . Y . ) You: There you go Stranger: You: Yeah Your conversational partner has disconnected. The end. Will update this post. Oh, and post your own, too.
  13. Okay so I had my base built in a Beefalo plains-biome. Turbo Farm, Speedy Farm, Two Chests, Firepit, Bee Box, Tree Farm, Grass Farm, and Twig/Sapling Farm. All was well, I heard Krampus a couple times and killed two packs of Hounds. However, I got hungry in the middle of the night. At night (since I couldn't see) I thought the other Beefalo wouldn't wake up if I attacked one of them. So I attacked. Next thing I know, I'm down to 10 health because my LOG SUIT BROKE. So I died. My thought here is either: 1. The log suit absorbs the hit AS IT BREAKS. 2. Nerf/get rid of Beefalo's aggro at NIGHT Seriously, do they have a telepathic link or something? I understand in the daytime, because they could see their comrade being slaughtered. But at NIGHT is just RIDICULOUS. Thoughts?
  14. Rather than a bigger backpack, how about a bigger chest. Such as, using twice the planks and some rope to make a crate!