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New feature to forums? Maybe?

New forums idea  

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  1. 1. Do you think there should be an area in the forums dedicated to sharing worlds?

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It isnt easy now to share worlds and save files as it is now...at least I have no idea how, and custom worlds in the download section aren't numerous


Screenshot share is more viable and yeah I'd support a separate forum for them, although its pretty much covered by the general discussion forum.

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If you want to show off your world, just start up a topic here! No need for an entire category for them - you could restart the thread whenever it gets too old to see players new worlds or compare worlds created using the creative mode console commands. That'd be awesome!

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If single player, we have a "show us your base" type of thread in many areas. Worlds work the same way.

No need for a whole category.


However, if we're talking the upcoming Don't Starve Together Multiplayer Worlds, that might have merit for multiple players to be able to share the "same world."

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