Smoke bombs in The Trail of Shadow (Level 3) replay


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I'm not sure if this is a bug or just bad luck on my part, but I'm replaying The Trail of Shadow level and when I get to the point where you find the box of smoke bombs during the first run-through, there's nothing there on replay. Ora says she finds it, but there's nothing there. This wouldn't be a problem except I can't figure out any way past the lasers without a smoke bomb, and I used them up on other levels.

Never mind. I figured out how to switch to smoke bombs as your distraction item. Duh.

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whats the trail of shadow? there are levels??? WHAT? thats cool. i always die around day 52 because I get carried away trying to bring back too much gold to my "camp" and end up getting caught in the dark with no more firewood cus I made too many axes.

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