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  1. Wow, this is crazy! Well done Gizmotron. No idea if we'd ever do something with MP, but if we did, I'd hope it would look something like this.
  2. Heh, so thanks for helping us discover a bug! We had a couple debug camera options that were just meant to be dev tools bound to the numpad arrow keys, it looks like those didn't get removed in the release version. We'll pull those out in a future patch, but for now, just don't map the movement keys to the numpad and you should be alright.Sorry about that, but thanks for helping us figure it out!
  3. Are you holding down the RIGHT mouse button while you're swiping the mouse? One other person mentioned they've had some trouble with this, but so far, we haven't had any luck reproducing the problem in house.
  4. I believe that's actually just a typo in the Steam store page details (which we've asked Valve to update). Mark of the Ninja does support Steam Cloud!
  5. To add on to what Corey said, on PC it's *much* harder for us to prevent hacking than it is on the Xbox. So having a leaderboard that's full of hacked high scores isn't really going to enhance anyone's experience. So we're definitely looking at this, and it's something we could add in an update, but we want to make sure it'll be something that's a positive experience for folks =)
  6. Our CM Corey posted this in another thread, but here's what he said if you didn't see that:"Heya! Just wanted to step in to explain why there's a price difference in the EU. When we launch a game on Steam, we follow their standard regional pricing guidelines. From what we understand about this, there are additional taxes required for Steam to launch a game in certain regions, EU is one of them. So, any price difference from the North American version isn't something that we (or Valve) would see. Hope that helps explain what's going on there!"
  7. If anyone is looking for Mark of the Ninja on Steam, it's available right here:
  8. It's right here if anyone is looking for it!
  9. Basically what he said! Thanks greedow =)
  10. Heh, I think you're in the wrong forum Juliette. You want the Don't Starve forums, this is for our Xbox Live Arcade game Mark of the Ninja
  11. Unfortunately no, we won't be able to offer pre-orders, but we'll certainly make a lot of noise on Steam launch day, so folks are sure to notice. Of course, awesome community support from you all saying the games is out to friends who might be interested is *tremendously* helpful as well!
  12. We've tried to support as many as we have access to. We don't have every USB controller in the world, of course, but most the standard ones should we. Basically, if it worked for either of the PC versions of Shank, it'll work here. We're still sorting that out with Microsoft's help (since we don't have a mountain of different hardware configs here in the office), but it shouldn't vary too much for what the requirements were for Shank 2 on PC (as noted here- Basically yeah. Obviously it has keyboard/mouse controls that were in the XBLA version and we fixed a couple bugs we didn't catch before, but beyond that, yup, totally the same.
  13. Interesting thoughts, thanks folks. I do like the notion of selecting weapons with different properties.It's impossible to say for sure, but I don't think we'd ever do a 3D Ninja game. I'd love if it another studio who does more 3D work built upon some of our ideas (I'd certainly play that game!), but as Valhalen said, I like the precision 2D offers. There's a lot more territory to explore there, potentially.But yeah, a "what if" is definitely a fun thing to think about. Hopefully someone else will turn that "what if" into something real! FWIW, Mark of the Ninja did have an M rating You can't have as much stabbing as we allowed (but didn't require) and get anything less.
  14. Nels


    Thank you for the information, we'll look into this! In the mean time, resetting the level (or maybe even the checkpoint) should take care of this.