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  1. I completely agree with everything said so far, and I want to add a huge thank you from me for making a FANTASTIC game that I can actually play. I have a neurological condition with my hands that doesn't allow me to use a mouse, keyboard, or gamepad for extended periods of quick actions. MotN's stealthy play and lack of need for extended speedy reactions makes it my first "real" video game. Here's hoping for more.
  2. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just bad luck on my part, but I'm replaying The Trail of Shadow level and when I get to the point where you find the box of smoke bombs during the first run-through, there's nothing there on replay. Ora says she finds it, but there's nothing there. This wouldn't be a problem except I can't figure out any way past the lasers without a smoke bomb, and I used them up on other levels. Never mind. I figured out how to switch to smoke bombs as your distraction item. Duh.