Idea: Bigger Backback Upgrade?

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I only bought this game two days ago but I'm always finding myself shuffling my items around, Dropping items around my camp and scrambling for wood to build yet another chest. Though thanks to this new update now not even my chests are safe, so now I'm a bit hesitant to plunk any more down! ;P So I think it would be cool to be able to craft a bigger backpack. It would have to be hard to obtain though, maybe crafted out of tentacle spots or something. Just a thought :D

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I doubt we'll see a larger backpack, mainly because the issue isn't storage, per say, rather its how many resources most players are able to amass. It's for this very reason the Krampus was added... to "help" veteran players manage all those supplies they've hoarded. I should know, since I have dozens of supply chests around my camp surrounded by bee mines.

The end result is that once the game moves from Beta we won't have the problem of managing so many resources, as we won't be able to acquire as much in the first place, and therefore we won't need the extra storage capacity. And if we do... well, I think there's a life lesson here about "trying to take it all with you" or something.

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Rainbow Knight posted that Krampus has a chance to drop a 10 slot backpack in this thread:

So there are backpacks with more slots, but they're "pretty hard" to reach.

Hard to reach... sob, sob. Stupid glitch, Krampus sack will sail the waves forever.

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