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  1. Body shape

    Awh, it sounds like a good idea xD
  2. I love the new update!

    ...My spider farm also loved the update
  3. The Meat Tree

    I like it, but only if it looks like it wants to eat you..
  4. bird hatching

    Okay then, I guess it's 2
  5. bird hatching

    Doesn't tell him how long, and I believe it takes 3 days. It did for me, atleast
  6. We mean the entire screen blinking red, not just the icon
  7. Well in the video it obviously isn't..
  8. So, should we not pay any attention to the game and just stare at our hunger sometimes? Some of us actually want to play and not just stare at the hunger bar.
  9. Multiplayer CAN have multiplayer! Just play beside somebody else and tell eachother your progress as you go along!
  10. Charlie the Spider He is so cute!
  11. I just wanted to pop in and say hi o_o