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I have a some suggestions for Don't Starve that I think most people will like.

1. Holidays

Now, when you think holidays, you think happy, gifts, and candy. Well, not anymore.

We should have a boss for every season, like Santa or the Easter Bunny, but with a twist (obviously).

For example, Santa could be spawned by finding a present. The present would spawn once in winter.

If you clicked the present you would spawn in Santa, after you hear, Ho Ho Ho.

He could spawn Krampus or maybe elves.

2. TF2

As a lot of you may know, Don't Starve has hidden game files of a character called Pyro (his sound files being called Kyro). Now, I am a big fan of TF2 and I would really like to see this become and actual character. Plus, everyone would love the Pyrovision!

3. Items

I do have some ideas for items, but mostly weapons. One of which is the Meat Club. I think it would be a great starting weapon, plus isn't it fun to hit things with meat? Another could be the Club Soda.

4. Moar DLC

Honestly, I don't have any ideas for DLC, I just want to see more come out. ;)

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1. We should have a boss for every season

If you don't have it, buy Reign Of Giants, and you will have your seasonal bosses !


2. There was a reaaaaaaally long discussion that took place just here about the Pyro, it is closed now but you will see that a lot of things were said on the subject :razz:


3. We already can hit things with meat --- [ ]


4. Me too ! A DLC based on a rework of the sanity mechanic would be great :grin:

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