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  1. New update ! The post talks about filters, and there's a picture of what seems to be the cathedral !
  2. I will give a look to the SpiderMod so, it seems interesting
  3. I don't know, I never tried it. What does it exactly do ?
  4. Nobody talked about the fact that you will be able to share a run you had, with the same ennemies, items, bosses etc. That's by far one of the most exciting feature I'm waiting for A gift for you posted on Ed's blog : And an interview if you want to understand why Rebirth is a "demake" and other stuff : ( Spoiler Alert : Edmund talks about the new character )
  5. 1. Connect your computer on a television. 2. Plug a Xbox 360/One controller in. 3. Launch Don't Starve. 4. Pretend playing on your Xbox.
  6. Pas du tout même ^^ Only 3:20 AM at Vancouver if I'm right, do you think the devs are sleeping or still coding ?
  7. I found a simple method. When the birchnut treeguard awakens, just simply walk away from him where he could not spawn his birchnutters, wait for a few minutes (I couldn't tell you exactly how long sorry, I will check tomorrow), then go back to him. You can now chop him without having him attacking you. I don't know if it's intended to be as simple.
  8. Maybe smashing the house ? I'm really wondering if it could drop something more than the usual materials.
  9. Hi Bryce, and thanks for the awesome mod ! On the mod page, it says that the mod is out-of-date, but I decided to try it despite that. In fact, it correctly worked, I managed to kill the Krampus (no luck for them, I was in the swamps), and get the Krampus sack (first time in my life that one appeared right in front of me, that was... there's no word for it), but the game crashed when night ended. Do you plan to update it a day ? ----- EDIT ----- I found a simple way of having the sack without crashing the game if you survived the attack : when the sack is on the ground, just save and quit. Disable the mod, reload your game. Enjoy your sack ^^
  10. I have the same "issue". (This is a great bug !)
  11. Oh ok, never encountered that one before. I thought that I knew the basic game... But I was wrong =D
  12. I found that setpiece today, it looks really cool !
  13. Hi everyone ! After searching the DLC's files, here's what I found in a .txt in the sound folder : Name : /characters/wyro/talk_LP Name : /characters/webber/talk_LP Name : /characters/wathgrithr/talk_LP Not really an exciting discovery, but at least we have the names of the future characters ^^ I just copied the lines where there were some names, if you want to check the .txt it's located here (I'm on Mac version, don't know for the Windows version but it should be something similar) : Go to your Steam folder in the Application Support (which is in the Library), Steam Apps, Common, dont_starve, right-click on the dontstarve_steam icon and open its content, Contents, data, DLC0001, sound, and here lies the file under the name dontstarve_DLC001.txt ! I cannot wait to have the full content of this wonderful DLC