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2-D Animation at Klei

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This year, at the Game Developer's Conference, two Klei animators did a presentation on animation at Klei. Here is the link to the free slide deck. There is also a link to the video unfortunately that requires a GDC vault subscription which is fairly pricey.


Slides: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1020165/2D-Animation-at-Klei

Video: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1020543/2D-Animation-at-Klei

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I would like to know how look like the way to export animations (if i woud make a new mob, science thing or an item), for example:
we make a animation (only walking, or is there a way to put more animations in this file, like character animation using a new item?) on one/many layers in adobe flash (all with symbols), than we go in to library, select all the symbols and click 'generate sprite sheet' -> we export it and we get this in a .png. file and a .xml soo my questions are:
-is that the right way?
-are in that file many animations or only one like running or for an item only one animation for example while using? (if many how is it done?)
-what are the next steps to transform our .png and .xml to .tex (here we can use a tex converter) and a .bin ?

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