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  1. Creating your own character

    So i just replaced the template only of the character ( i opened the folder sample character, found the template, replaced with my drawing, (all in .png) then made a .tex of the .png, renamed it to atlas-0.tex and replaced the .tex in wod.rar. So i had the sample character mod where i only replaced one texture.) I run the game, install the mod and everything is fine, the map is loading and.. don't starve just stoped working.. here is the log.txt ( i share it using my drive to avoid spaming here, becouse this text is litle bit long ;P ) oh ok i thing i found it, i should export the .tex in 2D, and i saw in a old tutorian that i had to do it in 1Dnow it works
  2. Creating your own character

    Can anybody explan why when i run only sample character that i download everything is fine but when i replace even one template exact how it should be i get a crash?
  3. Creating your own character

    Last update for this file was on 16 Aug, byt 'The stuff of nightmares' was on 20 Aug ..I used it and then i see ' out-of-date' , i run it anyway and game stop working ;/ I tryied, but it's still out-of-date o.O
  4. Sample Mods

    Please update for stuff of nightmares
  5. Creating your own character

    I just search just like for 3 hours for an update file ot sample character mod, fot the stuff of the nightmares and i can't find it..I have tried ti look inside an character mod that is update, but it was to complicated (it was a complicated char with items..)do anybody have a link to a normal samplecharacter file for nightmares?