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Is there a template or something for bodyslot-equippable items?

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So I looked around, and it seems the only tutorials out there are for handslot equippable items and hats. But not a single tut for bodyslot equippable items. I got confused even more when I looked at an example armor (armor_log) and noticed it required only one animation file vs two for (modded) hats and weapons...or is that because it is in the vanilla game? I'm curious how I should name the swap_armor stuff, like, in Spriter, should I change entity_000 to mybodyitem and then name the "NewAnimation" to BUILD_PLAYER like with hats, provided that the root folder for the spriter project has swap_body-0.png, swap_body-1.png, and swap_body-2.png.(which are the files for the three orientations of the armor.)

Is thare a tut that I have somewhere missed? Or is the approach I described suitable(it is based off the hat template and my guesswork.) 


Okay, I probably should also say, there needs to be a properly updated guide for all three kinds of slot-equipable items, as the tutorial for the hand-equipable item is completely different from the template for a hat

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