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Found 8 results

  1. This topic will presumably raise some concerns and heated arguments, but lets try to keep it civil shall we? I'd like to raise a question against the current strategy of kiting and it's role in this game. Personally I can understand why kiting is a legitimate tactic, because it's using some dodging, timing, and dedication. I however thing that kiting makes the game flat out easy, you can kite almost everything and avoid being in any real danger. The only time when monsters are actually challenging is when they attack in a large group thus making kiting a bit more chaotic and hectic, like say a large Hound attack. Every monster is currently nullified by the kiting tactic thus they are no threat, so I'd like to see some changes in the current monsters attack pattern ( adding some random elements to attack ) or another solution that makes kiting less viable ( though not useless ), i.e as an effect of random attack patterns, kiters will have a harder time dodging, though not impossible. Adding monsters that functions as anti-kiters like for example an ranged monster, that is relativly fast in it's attack animation ( not attack speed but the projectile ) making it necessary to close in fast and kill them rather than running around. This would need a bit of refining but I think my point is clear by this time. The Jumping Spiders is currently a good candidate for this, hopefully we will get a bit more of these. Lastly I myself is an abusive kiter, it's easy, it yields large quantities of food for little to no cost ( except durability of weapons ) making kiting an extremely rewarding ( so rewarding it makes surviving to easy ). So people, discuss! Do you think we need to do something about kiting? Is it fine the way it is? Ect ect...
  2. This item picks up every loose item in an area around your character and puts it into you inventory and degrades when used. Expensive to craft e.g 10 gold 2 rope and loses 10% durability after every use. This will solve the items out of bounds problem, will help gathering resources and if you happen to die in the middle of a spider infested area, it will no longer be impossible to recover your dropped items. Worn the same as the other amulet so you cant wear a log suit while trying to use the amulet. Any thoughts?
  3. Those hounds went too far. No one touches Puff. Those pigs, they went too far, also. Never come close to my eggs.
  4. Love the game, couple of things to look in to however. For example if something is killed next to water the items it drops go in to the sea and cant be retrieved, wasting things. This also means piggs and hounds get stuck chasing meat and other food trying to reach it. Also when you die using the amulet and it brings you back it resets all unlocked science stuff and your XP throughout the game. i got moved back to only wilson when i had unlocked other characters. Thanks. hope all goes well Much Love Jimmy
  5. I have another idea when you die you will go to heaven or hell maybe you could make a device to send you to hell/heaven From skullman
  6. Do you use a meat effigy or amulet at all?And why or why not? Personally I have never used a meat effigy nor amulet before.In fact,I intentionally didn't research both of them at all(Even though I am playing as Willow and she doesn't grow a beard ).I want dead to be unforgiving,meaning I have to start all over if my time has come.That,and preventing me from being careless too much..Those near dead experiences are a lot more thrilling to me than to just think "oh well if I die my meat effigy will ressurect me ^^",but yeah how about you?
  7. So after finding my first tallbird nest. To which i died because I had no idea how far they chases and I only had the first character so when night fell Soon after i died to a mix of darkness,spider and tallbird. I unlocked Willow after I died so i guess thats good. So i rebooted the same world, quickly made a base in the predetermined are "spitting distance between a KingPig, 3 ponds, swamp boime, grasslands and some Beefalo(though these are slightly further) and the rocky area is across the swamp(which is huge). So i decided to explore the new area and found the same nest and decided to take the egg and knew he would chase...but holy crap did I not expect this trek. So he started following me and I just thought he'll stop Soon enough...but hell no did he not. there will be a picture showing exactly how far he followed me, easily seen because its a fresh map area to me so its not been maped yet. from just past his nest between the spiders and his nest.I took the screenshot exactly when he stopped chasing me. Is that normal? But i guess on the flip side I ran by him again and he of course chased me again and I thought SCREW IT ill explore the island with him following me and found 3 other tallbirds on the other side....then died due to missclick. Tallbird: 2, Me: 0.
  8. Hey, forum! I just had one crazy series of events in Don't Starve. It all started with me wanting to make a bee box. I needed a lot of silk. I headed for an island with a big spider egg. When I arrived I saw a mandrake. I got it and went to the spider nest. After I spent a while being chased by spiders and finally got the silk required, I decided to cook the mandrake. (This is where I start to get surprised.) When I cooked the mandrake it shrieked. My character awoke in the morning. Realize this is my first time trying that. I thought that I survived because of the amulet I was wearing. I thought I was supposed to die. (If you don't know why, google mandrake.) I ate the cooked mandrake and left. Since cooking the mandrake made me skip the night, I didn't realized it had been a FULL MOON. I headed back to my camp. I passed by my neighborhood pig village. I didn't expect to be attacked by a town of werewolves. I was chased around the island by them before thinking: "Hey, I have this amulet. It didn't break when I heard the mandrake's cry. It must have an unlimited amount of uses." I charged at the nearest werewolf with my spear. I died immediately. I watched as the amulet rose into the air and shattered, bringing me to life. This was my first time dying with an amulet on. I grabbed my stuff and ran. Only two werewolves were left. The rest turned back to normal. I ran from these werewolves until they turned to normal too. I have seen some pretty bad luck in this game before. But this holds the cake........for now.