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Don't Starve: Realism Mode

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I was having a ponder and I have come to a conclusion; this game needs to be more about survival in an uncompromising setting.


The sad reality is; some weapons, armour and items serve no purpose; when you have the ubiquitous resources to make Item X the construction of Item Y is pointless.


So hear is my idea: rather than just have a 'damage output' and 'damage absorption' multiplier that is added across the board for every item against every enemy; why not have weapons and armour have positive and negative effects depending on the environment.




Weapons such as the spear, boomerang, bee mine and tentacle spike should have more damage to organic enemies than clockworks and enemies with a carapace. 


Items like the log suit and grass suit should make you more susceptible to fire damage than a marble suit; which will make you almost immune. 


The log suit will make you more wet whilst the rain slicks of the marble and the grass.


The log suit will provide more insulation than the grass, which would do nothing and the marble which wil make you colder.


The grass suit will reduce your heat while the log and marble make you hotter, quicker.



The Ice staff should have more effect on clockworks than a fire staff and a fire staff should have more effect on organics than an ice staff.


A G/Goose might have the secret weakness of being susceptible to sleep darts. The undoing of a beefalo might be a good whack with a batbat etc etc.



Food for thought. If anyone has any input; with their ideas please say so.

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I assume Willow wouldn't be affected by the fire damage stuff, but I think the rest of your ideas are neat. It would make the combat/combat crafting systems a lot more complex and interesting then just hurty thing does twenty damage to random thing with twenty health now it dead yay. 


Grass suits are pretty useless outside of Adventure Mode, so this would add a neat use for them if you are doing a lot of fighting in the summer. I don't usually make a marble suit,but I would if your idea was implemented, so I could fight in the rain without wetness getting annoying. 

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Yeah, Willow would not be effected with the log suit

She should get a sanity boost from it, just imagine you have fire fetish, wearing log suit, you know that every tiny spark will result in bursting to flames, burning the wood sorrounding your body, feeling all warm and cozy, that's pretty Willowish.

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So i hammer would deal a big damage to clockworks and an axe would deal a big damage to treeguards?



Look I'm not the one saying that Item A should be good against Enemy A etc etc, I was just giving examples, not giving doctrine.

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I think I mentioned this in another thread, but the Night Sword/Night Armour should have effectiveness based off of the user's sanity in this mode. The higher your sanity, the more effective they are seeing as they are connected to the mind in one way or another. 

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