Natural Objects Should Have Fire Defenses

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How has the whole world not burned down yet? It seems like you the player are the only entity in the entire Don't Starve universe that cares about fire safety! Between lightning strikes and the new smolder mechanic, the map should be nothing but a burnt wasteland by now.


Not only does this not make sense, it also makes the smolder mechanic rather annoying if you spend any amount of time in natural biomes during summer. Not difficult, or challenging, just irritating; the game rapidly degenerates into a massive escort quest. Which is a pity, because the smolder mechanic itself is a great idea.


To fix this, natural objects should have ways of coping with fire. Specifically:

  • Burnt trees should drop planted seedlings instead of pine cones/birchnuts.
  • Pigs, Merms, and Bunnymen should try to extinguish their respective houses if they catch fire. Their success or failure should depend on how many of them are helping.
  • Mushrooms in their harvestable state should burn normally. However, instead of turning to ash, fire makes them revert into harvested mushroom holes. Harvested mushroom holes should be completely fireproof.
  • Saplings, grass tufts, cacti, spiky bushes, and berry bushes should respawn in a randomized location when burnt.
  • Tallbirds should build new nests if their original ones get destroyed.
  • EDIT: Spider nests should immediately pop a spider queen if they catch fire. She should frantically scuttle away from the blaze accompanied by a bunch of spiders, before eventually building a new nest.
  • EDIT: Hounds should flee from hound mounds that catch fire. Hounds without a home mound should pick up any bones they come across, and use them to build a new mound if they collect enough. As a bonus, this may also result in wave hounds using your skeleton to build a mound inside your base, should they kill you during an attack.


Edited to add suggestions for a few creatures that I originally forgot about.

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Seems like a good plan, the smouldering mechanic is a bit too much for the world as it it. I always did enjoy teh idea of the world being in complete lockdown unless Wilson or one of the characters is around. It makes the world seem even stranger...

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Yes please! It would make Summer survival much more enjoyable! In Summer usually I'm stuck threading around a few tiny biomes because I'm paranoid everything else will burn. Perhaps a chain limit of how many items can catch fire from a single fire in a row? It can help keep things realistic, but controlled.


I also agree with all the suggestions.

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