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General ideas and thoughts (skipping the announcement chaos)

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I'd love to see things reworked rather than just rescaled.  More hounds or hounds with more hp doesn't necessarily retain the balance ratio, since there are new tactics possible with more people.  With Abigail, some seemingly unfair things can happen when something targets you and you just run around waiting for her to kill it.  With multiple people, that's going to happen a lot, and it could potentially trivialize things if not careful (but teamwork should also be rewarded imo).  I don't have a solution off of the top of my head, but the most minimal thing would be to have a element of randomness (weighted) in deciding targets.  Keeps people from getting too comfortable with their methods and probably plays nice with other (better) ideas.




I don't know how you'd handle this but I think it'd make sense to lose sanity when near a player who is crazy.  Maybe more so the more lost they are.  Seeing somebody swinging away at something that isn't there could be a neat effect and reflect the idea well, but at the same time the play it encourages is either to help them regain sanity (which makes sense) or (because people know the stuff is "actually there") to hurry up and lose sanity to help their friend fight - which only makes sense in terms of gameplay and takes away from that immersion.  Again, not sure what to do about it but one idea would be to keep everyone's illusions separate and personal - only you can fight your inner demons.


"Did you see that?"

"There's nothing there, dude..."

"I swear to you there is."


If feeling ambitious, there's a lot of fun that could be had with this socially.  Illusions that can't be differentiated from real things, including especially things that would interfere with team activities, could create some interesting interactions.  Over time people get used to how things work, but if you legitimately can't tell the fake from the real, the effect is preserved longer.  My favorite would be seeing images of the other person doing things.  For example, it just starts eating a ton of food like crazy or building a lot of walls or runs off someplace dangerous (eg. right out of the camp at night or into a cavern).  Imagine somebody "following their friend" into a cavern and the friend is like "wtf are you doing?"


Another example: The copy attacks something strong and they rush over to help out.


"Why would you attack that??"

"Why would YOU?"

"What are you talking about, you did it first!"

"Really, you're going to be like that?"


(Is it wrong to enjoy this so much?)


Divide and conquer


Some have a tendency to split up or stick together.  I think it'd be good to make it a good idea to generally keep at least loosely together, but be effective both ways, the way being nomadic or hunkering down can both do well.  I say this because I think it'd be important to have things that try to split people up, but if being together is too punished it defeats the purpose of multiplayer (and the theme of the expansion).  In other words, multiplayer challenges rather than solo challenges with multiple people.

It's hard to think of specific examples on the spot, and a lot of ideas can get too ambitious real quick, but one idea might be in...




I'd like to see some multiplayer specific variation.  Maybe some event attacks (like hounds) target the player with lower HP or whoever is least armored.  They wouldn't want to be caught out alone, and it creates an interesting (imo) "protect your friend" dynamic.  (Though if everything did it, it'd be too easy to game/manipulate.)


You may as well have something that does the opposite as well, just in case that throws somebody off - attack the one with the strongest offense, so they can't attack freely and the others may feel helpless to do anything.  (I assume people may develop "roles," rather than giving everyone everything, which some will do (I would) but that will cost them time they could have been doing other things.)


Perhaps a group of mobs that aim to get to the point in the center of the players in the area, the average of their locations - ie. in between them, so when they run, they run away from each other.  From there maybe just leave it be, so some players have more difficulty than others and others are desperate to get over there to help.  Alternatively, once divided, they all switch to gang up on one of them that was isolated.


I'm sure there are plenty of other things that could be done in this vein.  It all leads naturally into:




Good luck!  Too little ability or too difficult, and people are stuck unable to play (and getting worse by having less practice than their friends, separating their skill levels further, perpetuating the loop).  Too much ability, and things are trivialized because death doesn't matter.


Offhand, I think one solution would be to make ressing costly, not with obscure ingredients but by making things more difficult to sustain (eg. drain resser's health/food/etc and/or cost in food/hp/sanity items).  This way the dead player should get to play, but death is still not trivial (shortens the lifespan of the playthrough overall - like taking lives from your friend in a platformer when you run out).  Another idea would be to give them something to do while dead, perhaps a more limited ghost form or the like.  (Like when you die in some bomberman games, you sit on the sidelines tossing bombs around.  Not terribly useful, but still engaged.)



Just had to get that out there.  Ok bye!

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"What are you doing? You know we're going to fight the Deerclops."


"I have my Night Armour and Dark Sword. Let's go!"


"What? You're not wearing anything, are you insane?!"


That would be kinda funny, actually.

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Hi there,


I have few ideas to make DS Together a more fun experience, since there will be more players playing.



As with all survival and every work position in the world - specialization is the key to success. The team is stronger, if each player is specialized in something which gives him and the team benefits in the end.

Where I aim - it would be great, if players had a set of skills they could explore and get better at. I am not saying it should look like some old RPG stuff, loaded with clutter of useless stuff. Just some basics.



- hunting/fighting skills

- crafting skills

- cooking skills

- harvesting skills



- levels of each skills - basic, intermediate, expert

- all skills would be increased by a small amount when the character would be doing the thing (either fighting, crafting, cooking meals or cutting trees or rocks down)

- after some time (up to developers to decide, but should be long, so it is not easy), a player would become an expert and would have some benefits

- benefits could be for example:

        - 10/20/30 % increased damage and armor for basic, intermediate and expert (hunting/fighting)

        - 10/20/30 % less resources needed for crafting

        - 10/20/30 % less resources or time of cooking needed

        - 10/20/30 % less time to cut down or pick up anything


This way players would have another goal and could specify their place in the team of survivors. It is always like that - when few people are surviving, not everyone is making the fire :), because they wouldn't last long that way.


Also, this could be even more fun to see some combination of characters and roles they would play in the game. For example Woodie would be the best to use and get some harvesting skills. And Wigfried would be best for hunting/fighting.


What do you think? Would you like some taint of roles in the survival wilderness?

Any feedback appreciated.


Also - another idea, which doesn't concern skills - it would be great to have bow and arrow. Even the oldest tribes had bows and arrows. It is just that simple that this weapon is essential in surviving or killing something from a distance.

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Just a heads up:


It's better if a new thread is made than bringing back a 4-month old one in regards to "newly released" info (this was after all for DST when there was no released info compared to demos and signups at the time of this reply, including what we know about the Ghost Haunting and Telltale Heart regarding resurrection.)


I don't see why this thread can't continue at this time, but now you know.


Anyway, once this game starts testing, you bet there will be a Suggestions/feedback section for things like this! 

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Most of those has already been answered, the sanity idea is oretty kntresting and well, i think tje best way to fix the prpblem is to just make the monsters go away after regaining sanity instead of forcing us to finish the fight, that way we will gain more encouragement to heal the poor guy up instead of diving in there into insanity right after him.

Most of those has already been answered, the sanity idea is oretty kntresting and well, i think tje best way to fix the prpblem is to just make the monsters go away after regaining sanity instead of forcing us to finish the fight, that way we will gain more encouragement to heal the poor guy up instead of diving in there into insanity right after him.

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