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Argh he

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So I was on day 30, in the middle of winter playing as willow. I'd just being resurrected by a touchstone because I got killed by the varg, I ran to my base to quickly make a beefaloes hat and a thermal stone because my dropped stuff was far away then all of a sudden deerclopes came and destroyed my base and me. So he killed me then I got resurrected by meat effigy next to my base and as soon as I got up deerclopes got me and killed me again and ended my game.

Etjtnxthrtdhrtdhyrd ARGH flipping deerclopes!!!!!

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WELL  EXCUSE ME, PRINCESS but don't get your pants in a tangle over a deerclops killing you and ending your game. I've died and lost a world like that before and it sucked but still no need to get mad over it. Even still you need to prepare for Wargs/Vargs (warg is the coded name and is a reference to Fenrir) and I've nearly lost a base to a giant before so I have sympathy.

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