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  1. Of course; But compared to Wendy or Wes, other characters can turn a bad situation around more easily. This thread is about tiers, there's bound to be somebody at the bottom. That is indeed true, but since this is about multiplayer, other players can help you get rid of most of the Werebeaver's weaknesses.
  2. That's true, but some characters doing what they can will be more useful. I just wanted to share my opinion of what are the best characters. I think the amount of resources you'll gather when you're in beaver mode make up for that.
  3. Oh, gee, I thought the game was about surviving. Why would you want to stay away from Werebeavering if it doesn't have any negative effects, since your friends will be more than happy to plant trees for you to eat?
  4. Because then we know who is best and who is not. Tier's aren't only about combat, I ranked Woodie as the best character mostly because of his gathering abilities.
  5. This thread is about PvP. You've come to the wrong place if you don't want to discuss PvP. Humane? How is it inhumane to kill something that doesn't exist?
  6. Being able to defeat one enemy in the game easier than the others isn't a "notable" advantage. That's a very specific situation: Willow can gather an easily attainable resource if your world is lacking in two very important and common resources with a little more convenience.
  7. Wait, I thought Don't Starve was about surviving, and PvP can help you survive better. And why shouldn't people harm each other in games?
  8. I'd rather use a few durability points on Torches to make Charcoal instead of playing as Willow.
  9. Tires Don Exits: Top: Woodie 9/10 OK, so the beaver form harvests resources fast, recovers health and hunger from eating logs, hits awesomely hard, has night vision and doesn't need insulation in winter. What are its drawbacks? You can't store the resources you collect, nor plant new trees to chow down. But your friends can plant new trees for you and collect all the stuff you leave behind in your massive trail of destruction. It's awesome. Maxwell 8/10 Starts with great equipment, provides work force and fighters with the Codex umbra, doesn't need sanity replenishing stuff, doesn't mind sanity lowering stuff. Wigfrid 8/10 Is able to equip all your friends ready for war with minimal resources. Doesn't need sanity/health replenishing stuff as often. Doesn't eat from your farms. Starts with equipment. Yup, this one's good. Wilson 7/10 Making Meat Effigies isn't always so simple, but Wilson provides more Beard Hair than you would ever want. He also needs less winter gear and has all-around decent stats. Mid: Wickerbottom 6/10 Yeah, she can prototype stuff before you get a Science Machine, but Wigfrid can make flat-out better armor and weapons right off the bat and these don't get obsoleted as quickly. Her saving grace are the books but most of them aren't that useful. Webber 6/10 Of course, getting free silk and a bit of insulation is never bad, but Webber's more suited to singleplayer. His underlings hate your friend's guts, while your friend's underlings hate your guts. His saving grace is the ability to eat Monster Meat and safely travel over Spider Nests. And his voice. Wendy 5/10 Mostly obsoleted by Maxwell, who gets better minions and better sanity. Besides, you'll have enough fighters if you play with 3-4 people. Otherwise, Abigail's not bad. Low: Wolfgang 4/10 His belly needs food constantly, his mind needs treatment constantly. Completely obsoleted by Maxwell, Wigfrid or Woodie. WX-78 4/10 WX needs Gears to be useful. Period. And just how many gears you'll want for enough Ice Flingomatics, Ice Boxes and Weather Pains for multiple people? Willow 3/10 The Lighter is rather nice to provide a little light, but refuelable Lanterns and Moggles make it mostly useless. His immunity to fire isn't very useful, as fire damage is easily avoided. Wes 0/10 Yeah, Wes is useless.
  10. Oh snap! I realized some extremely cool things for PvP: -The Telelocator Staff could Teleport your opponents away with ease, allowing you to plunder all their resources. -Should you have the Moggles, you could possibly ambush your enemies at night with your night vision. -The Weather Pain could be very useful for stunlocking. -Sleep Darts/Pan Flute and Gunpowder. It hurts. A lot. -If you're having a fight in the evening and night appears, you could use the Morning Star while your opponent's trying to set up a fire. -Telelocator Focus could be used for teleporting enemy players into monsters or traps. -The Lazy Explorer can be used to chase him/her down. -On Tentacles and The End is Nigh could be very powerful, too. Seeing as there's this many options for PvP, I'd say it would be a waste to not have it.
  11. Charlie doesn't like being seen, so she wouldn't attack if one player has Moggles on him.
  12. I said "limited" because I'm quite sure your host wouldn't like you eating everything from there. And being threatened with violence because you ate all the Meatballs wouldn't be that cozy. Of course, you'll help your friend because he is useful. He gathers useful stuff, he helps you fight mobs, he functions as a meat shield, he's nice company. But if you had to choose between saving your own hide or sacrificing yourself to let your friend live, I'd save my own hide and I think many would do it too.
  13. Sure, but don't make it something you'll want to eat. Killing your friend should be the final thing you do should food get scarce.