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(some things were added to the game)

This is what this game needs to possibly make it the best game of all time. For me anyway:

1. More enemies

We already have some interesting enemies. But adding some new ones for use to fight never gets boring. For example

Wererabbits: instead of rabbits becoming beardlings when your sanity drops. Make them turn into wererabbits. they can drop the same items a beardling would but it would be a nice way for them to get thier revenge.

Moles: work the same way tentacles do. Appear near caves, unlike tentacles however moles move around underneath the surface, the player can see the same sized lump a tentacle makes before it resurfaces. Once it comes close the mole will surface and try to attack. They are fast when moving underground but slow when above, take full advantage of this.

War Turtle: Big and bulky with spikes protuding from thier rock solid shells. Not much is known about these ancient creatures.

Antechops: Basically ants with big choppers. Ant nests can be found in forrests and a new desert biome. Similar behaviour to spiders, but the ant queen resides deep under ground. Only way to get to her is by destroying the nest and jumping through the large hole in the ground. Beware know one has come back once they meet with the queen.

2. Harder enemies

I'm not sure if the enemies become harder to kill the longer you survive. I was thinking after every 50 days enemy HP increases by 50.

3. More items to craft

4. Customising items

Give your Spear a damage boost or adding elemental damage. Increase the durability of your axe. Weapons can now be customised using the Workbench. Each upgrade requires materials to use in order in order to add a certain boost.

5. More clothing

Cowboy hat, Medievel helm, Sun glasses, Cool jacket, Fur coat, Fur get what I mean

6. Improved map editor with more options

My personal favourite. Just go wild with the things we can do. Let use decide which biome is where on the map, how many biomes, how large a biome is etc... Its more fun if we selected the item say...a beefalo from a drop down menu and went click happy all over the screen.

7. More seasons

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

8. Way to build homes

Who doesn't want this?

9. Leveling up tools ability

Every tool has a level cap of 10. Continous usage of a certain tool gains the tool exp. Leveling up is required to add boosts using the Workbench. It also naturally gives a slight increase in durability

10. Leveling up your character

Same as any RPG really. Attack things, craft things we get exp. If our enemy will get stronger so must we.

11. More bosses

War turtle, Trojan horse, Alpha hound, Grizzly bear, Ant queen

12. A bigger campaign mode

Take longer to complete, each campaign is exclusive to the character you are using, player can also meet other playable characters who can offer to help or provide side missions to earn materials.

13. Chance to meet other playable characters that give you missions in game

14. Side missions

15. Bridges

I hate having to walk all around when a 2meter bridge is all that is required.

16. An ocean biome

So much space wasted. Add sea creatures, a way to set sail on the open sea?

17. Boats?

We will need this to move around across the sea.

18. Thirst meter

Its a survival game. We need water aswell as food to survive. What if your character had a bit og honey ham stuck in thier throat, washing it down with some fresh water could save his life, no? Obviously sea water is salty so we will need a water purifier.

19. More food recipes

20. Birds that fight back

Eagles, Ravens, Owls, basically birds of prey. Cave update will have bats that same mechanic can be used for birds. Except they come like hound attacks. Noise first then a fast direct attack.

21. Roofs that need reparing over time

We need a roof. These will work same as walls. Grass < Wood < Stone. If they take damage holes will appear which will need reparing.

22. More horror

23. More creepy messed up music

24. More creepy messed up moments

25. Bow and arrows

26. Desert biome

Filled with camels we can harvest for fur and water (camels store water in thier humps). Snakes and Killer Scorpions can be added. Or even my favourite desert Scarabs

27. A juicer (random maybe?)

28. An imporoved way to herd and farm animals

29. Chickens. We all love chicken.

30. Caves (we are getting this already woot!)

31. A nine slot backpack with no penalties

32. A horse/chocobo like creature to ride and carry stuff for you33. More traps. Like bear traps.

34. A sewer biome? With giant rats?

35. A sling shot, breaking down stone further to use as ammunition

36. Bigger trees like red woods that we can use to build tree homes in

37. Gates for walls

38. No multiplayer or co-op

39. More playable characters

40. More perks

41. Customisable perks (as we level up)

42. Pig knights!! (the true guardians of this land)

43. Knife

Able to skin monsters, rather than kill them for meat if we choose.

44. An alpha hound that lives in a hound orientated biome.

45. A naughtiness meter that you can build

46. Torch light that you can attach to walls

47. Sticky bee bombs that you can throw

48. Crops need watering not continous fertalising

49. Electrical devices that run off a charged lightning rod

50. A replay mode to see how you died?

51. Larger biomes.

52. When sleeping inside your home 10% chance a storm could come and destroy parts of your camp

This will solve the OP'ness of homes.

53. Snow freezing so why cant high temperatures cause sun burn?

This is a must. We can see how freezing temperatures affect us, so why not boiling hot? Will also implement new clothing e.g. Sun glasses, sun hat, cool shirt.

54. Trip wire that can stun enemies or delay thier movement

55. Fire traps56. Enemies flank

57. Enemies fight like pigs. Attack then move away

58. More of that father son walrus related stuff so we can kill them.

59. Throwing spears. Throwing it reduces the number of uses more than actually hitting with it. This can be one of those boosts you can give using the Workbench

60. A gobblers nest. So we can exterminate thier population for a while

61. Skeleton warriors

Why not make those skeletons already in game come to life and fight us?

62. Helper sprites that gather wood, berries, fish etc...

63. A place to pray. Increases sanity aswell as forgives your sins/naughtiness

64. There are werepigs and now with caves I think there are bats, so why not vampigs?

Bats can now appear before night fall. If pigs come into ditect contact and are hit by a bat they change into vampigs, best to kill them before they change otherwise you will really see flying pigs with sharp blood sucking fangs.

65. Fishing nets. Work same way as rabbit traps

66. Theres a beefalo horn so why not a rabbit wistle, so we can lead a bunch of them to their doom

67. More ways of healing. Like bandges, splints etc...

68. More status effects.

We only have sleep, freeze and fire. Bees can poison, hounds can give you rabies lol

69. A sort feature. To quickly arrange items in back pack or chests

70. More enphasis on steam trading

71. Super rare items that need super rare items to craft that we can trade via steam

72. Make signs so we can write on themCan make it easy to find locations to want to go back to later. Messages that you write on signs

73. Survival puzzle mini games that are fun to play an award you with gold

74. Sentry bee turrets

75. Pig king can fight.

Would be epic to get a spider queen, tree guard, deerclops, pig king to fight each other

76. Night sword, Night armor, no Night helm?

77. A shield?

78. More weather conditions. Maybe hail? You need to take cover as hail can damage you

79. Surviving night time isnt as easy as lighting a fire and standing within its light

80. Physical night monsters that can attack you during the night regardless of whether your sanity is low

81. Butter is in the game. What is needed to make butter....milk.

82. Milk...then why not cheese

83. Pig men actually grow crops, build thier own bases.

84. Leveling up allows you to create new things not just creating them as we get the resources

85. Fishing is possible in oceans not just ponds

86. Chester moves faster. I hate how he lags behind and gets stuck in random places

87. Eating meat will make you fat, slowing your movement but making you stronger

88. Eating vegetables will make you healthy and fast but not as strong

89. Your character can grow old. Meaning wickerbottom playthrough will be shorter

90. Drinking water of life will stop you from aging

91. Beefalo and other mobs can die of old age

92. Hounds make proper howling sounds. This can also summon more hounds

93. A banking system run by the pig king. Deposit any unused resources for gold

94. A trading system with pig men, they have a list of tradeable items that require certain items to be traded for them

95. Stealth attacks

Ninja assassin style that comes with a cool mini animation

96. The ability to actually sit

97. No sequal to this game. Make this game awesome only

98. More golden tools

99. An actual torch run by charging from a lightning rod

Basically an every day battery powered torch

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Wow, ok man, TLDR. I got through 12 and realized where my scrollbar was, haha.



1. More enemies

More enemies would be fun! Klei isn't going to add further content to the vanilla game, and who knows what will happen with the DLC? Maybe DLC 2.0 could introduce more mobs/enemies, or a good modder could get this going. I disagree personally with the Wererabbits, but do see how it could be an attractive idea. I like the War Turtle as a boss monster, but the game already has new boss monsters in the DLC (so yeah, back to DLC 2.0). I really like the Ant idea, and think something similar could be easily re-purposed from the spider nest/queen files.


2. Harder enemies

Certain mobs already increase their spawn intensity (their numbers) as the days go on. Would their HP increase be balanced against this, or would it increase at the same rate? It might break players motivation to continue late-game, since Don't Starve is focused more on survival than it is on pwning the elements.


3. More items to craft

Such as? What would their uses be?


4. Customizing items

I see where you're going with this... I like it, but think it would steer this game much more towards RPG instead of basic rogue/survival. In the wilderness, all alone and trying desperately to survive against the crazy imaginings of a madman, nothing exists where you can trade in your stone dagger for Thunderfury. You have limited resources, and craft what you can, like the days of old. I think a great middle-ground here would be some way to repair your weapons though.


5. More clothing

The DLC adds more clothing, but that aside... what would the perks be of the new clothing, and how might they also negatively impact the player? It's gotta be balanced or the game becomes too easy. For example, maybe the cowboy hat helps players gather and/or tame single roaming animals, but the downside could be that groups of animals are now hostile to the player and attack on sight.


6. Improved map editor

Sorry mate, 100% disagree here. This game is random, and putting control in the players hands of exactly where everything spawns makes it predictable... and in time, boring. There's a World Settings option where you can change how much items spawn in the world, and I feel like that's enough.


7. More seasons

You're in luck! Buy the DLC, we now have 4 seasons... it's called Reign of Giants, and is almost finished with beta (testing/bugs/etc). You can get it on the forums here or on Steam, and Klei is working towards the release on Standalone and PS4 as we speak. The DLC is optional gameplay. When you want to start a new world, you have the option to play the DLC-style world or the regular game, it's just a checkbox.


8. Way to build homes

There's a mod for the visual aspect of this... do you want the "look" or the "feel" of a home? If you want the "feel" of a home - a roof, walls, etc - how can that be balanced against the danger of the game so it's not over-powered and makes the game too easy?


9. Leveling up tools ability.

See #4 =)


10. Leveling up your character.

This isn't an RPG.


11. More bosses

Yes! I agree with the more bosses/mobs. The DLC has introduced this to a certain extent.


12. A bigger campaign mode

I can totally get on board with this. Adventure Mode that's specifically designed for each character? So fun, it it keeps the additional challenge of Adventure Mode just going-and-going.

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This was a copy and paste job of my suggestion list that I made back in my early days on joining this forum. Brings back wonderful memories. If anyone wants to advertise my suggestions please at least leave a comment to say you got that from me. It took a lot of time to put that list together. However I appreciate that my suggestions would make Don't Starve better for you. Means a lot mate. Thanks :)

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@technoguardian we do, but the list you see in the original post was my list he copy and pasted here. I suggested these things back in May 2013. I think he liked them so much he wanted to share them.

@Parrotoss most things are outdated lol. The list is a year old. If you click on the links in my signature below, specifically the Suggestion link, you'll find over a 100 more suggestions.

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