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  1. it is wiped, and the lost episode "squidwards suicide is put in it's place
  2. you get the hammer, but it is way to heavy to lift. I wish that I had a pie
  3. bacon! bacon is holy, and will beat any thing at wrestling! ( terrible singing
  4. the chester is fugly. like, circus fugly.
  5. you are given nothing but pony technoguardian: ppsssh. i'll just get betty to squish it
  6. I wish....... that........... hell didn't exist! ( slices off hand, and inserts it
  7. ( you awaken to see the shadow of a tall man looking down on you. he disappears when you open your eyes, and as you look around, you know you aren't in the "real world" anymore
  8. new category: most loyal baconier
  9. thank you wise bacon master
  10. really? I smell vegans
  12. Name: betty Age: 20 Gender: female Race(Creature): human Powers: body is a callus, is quite strong Weaknesses(Also Optional): Backstory; none Appearance: a girl in a blue hoodie, with black fingerless gloves. black jeans
  13. rrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee