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So This was orginally submited as a Mod request, but I've desided to submit it as a Suggestion to the Developers as well. Feel free to tell me what you think, any balance issuses you can thing off, and any further suggestions to improve it!.


There are 3 Main parts to this Mod.


First off is the Bow. The Bow is a Very Costly Weapon Item that fires the Arrows. It has Infinite durability, but takes a lot of Materials to make, and even more to upgrade.

The most basic of the Bows, the “Archer’s Bow” is made in 6 Steps.

--- First, 5 pieces of Spider Silk are crafted into 1 strand of  “Stringy Fiber”.

--- 10 of these Fibers are then crafted into a “Bow String”.

--- Next 10 Spider Glands and 2 Honeycombs are crafted into a “Sticky Glue”.

--- 3 of this Glue are crafted into a “Bow Wax”.

--- The Bow Wax can be then crafted with a normal Log to create a “Prepared Bow Shaft”

--- The Prepared Bow Shaft is then crafted with the Bow String to create a “Archer’s Bow”.

The Archer’s Bow can further be “Upgraded” to increase its firing speed and range (Speed and range are tenitive, not sure what they should really be, suggestions?). There are 3 upgrade levels.

--- Druid’s Bow: First Upgrade, Fires slightly faster (1.25x) than the Archer’s Bow, craft an Archer’s Bow with 20 Living logs and 5 Green Gems (maybe something else?).

--- Nightwatcher’s Bow: Second Upgrade Fires faster (1.5x) than the Archer’s Bow, Craft a Druid’s Bow with 20 Nightmare Fuel and 5 Purple Gems.

--- Ancient’s Bow: Final upgrade Fires significantly faster (2x) than the Archer’s Bow. Craft Nightwatcher’s Bow with 20 Thulecite blocks and 5 Orange Gems.


The Second part of the Mod is the Arrows themselves. In order to USE any Bows, the Player must have Arrows equipped in the Helm slot (Preferably, this would be in a modded game, taking up the amulet slot).  Another, simpler possibility would be to have them be used directly from the Inventory.  If this is possible though I do not know, nor know how it would affect having multiple arrow types in your inventory.  There are 5 Main arrow types, each dealing a increasing amount of Damage.

--- Flint-Tipped Arrows: Basic arrows, 5 flint, 5 logs and 10 Jet black Feathers crafts 10 Flint-Tipped Arrows. Deals 30 damage.

--- Stone-Tipped Arrows: Stronger Arrows. Costs 5 rocks, 5 logs and 10 Jet black Feathers crafts 10 Stone-Tipped Arrows. Deals 35 Damage

--- Gold-Tipped Arrows:  Most powerful basic Arrow, 5 Gold, 5 logs and 10 Jet black Feathers crafts 10 Gold-Tipped Arrows. Deals 40 Damage

--- Shadow-Tipped Arrows: Advanced Arrows, 3 Nightmare fuel, 2 Living Logs and 10 Jet black Feathers crafts 10 Shadow-Tipped Arrows. Deals 50 Damage

--- Thulecite-Tipped Arrows: More powerful Advanced Arrows. 3 Thulecite Blocks, 2 Living Logs and 10 Jet black Feathers crafts 10 Thulecite -Tipped Arrows. Deals 55 Damage


The Last part of the Mod is the Quiver, equipped in the Armor slot. The Quiver is not NEEDED to use the Bow and Arrows; however, an equipped Quiver will impart traits to each attack. However, they will degrade after a set number of arrows fired, and Drain Sanity at a slow rate when equipped.  

--- Fire-Hardened Quiver: Imparts moderate Fire damage (+20% damage) to target with a 15% chance of igniting them. 5 Pigskins, 5 Silk, 10 Charcoals, 3 Red Gems. Lasts for 20 Shots.

--- Ice Cold Quiver: Imparts Freezing effect to target. Freeze effect requires twice the number of Hits as the Ice Staff. (I.E. Beefalo will Freeze in 6 Shots). 5 Pigskins, 5 Silk, 10 Ice, 3 Blue Gems. Lasts for 40 Shots.

--- Starblessed Quiver: Targets shot with an Arrow glow with a bright light for a short time (10 seconds).  5 Pigskins, 5 Silk, 10 Glowberries, 3 Yellow Gems. Lasts for 60 Shots.

--- Nightwatcher’s Quiver: Does double damage to Shadow Creatures, and causes other Targets to Flee in terror after being hit a set number of times (equal to their Sleep Dart uses). 5 Pigskins, 5 Silk, 5 Nightmare Fuel, 3 Purple Gems. Lasts for 30 Shots.

--- Hunter’s Quiver: Causes Target to drop Double their loot. 5 Pigskins, 5 Silk, 1 Divining Rod, 3 Green Gems. Lasts for 30 Shots.

--- Glutton’s Quiver: Each attack restores 20% of damage dealt as Hunger. 5 Pigskins, 5 Silk, 10 Meat (raw), 3 Orange Gems. Lasts for 60 Shots. (restoring 660 hunger/per quiver wihen using Thulecite arrows, and 360 with Flint).


Boss Quivers: These are special Quivers that are made from Boss drops. Last longer, and have more powerful effects, but drain Sanity much quicker.

--- Silky Quiver: Each hit spawns a Web under the Target, snaring them and slowing them down, and a 20% chance on each hit to spawn a Friendly Depth Dweller to attack the Target. This Increases to 50% inside Caves and Ruins. Once the target is dead, the Depth Dweller will wander around and attack other viable targets. Only attacks Spiders actively attacking the player. 5 Pigskins, 20 Silk, 1 Spiderhat, 1 Purple gem, 1 Green Gem. Lasts for 100 Shots.

--- Soft Quiver: Has a 20% on hit to spawn a small Tornado that does half the damage of Weather Pain. Increases fire rate of the equipped Bow by 50%. 5 Pigskins, 5 Silk, 10 Volt Goat Horns, 10 Soft Down, 1 Blue Gem, 1 Orange Gem. Lasts for 100 Shots.

--- Fur-lined Quiver: Have a 20% chance on Hit to spawn 1-3 Killer Bees to attack the target (maybe not a good idea to use Honey covered fur next time), as well as dealing 20% more damage. 5 Pigskins, 5 Silk, 10 Honey, 1 Thick Fur, 1 Purple Gem, 1 Red Gem. Lasts for 100 Shots.

--- Scale-Plate Quiver: blocks 50% of incoming damage. Has a 20% of exploding on Impact, dealing an extra 50% damage. 5 Pigskins, 5 Silk, 10 Nitre, 1 Scales, 1 Yellow Gem, 1 Red Gem. Lasts for 100 Shots.



Well, that’s all Folks! What do you think?!

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This idea seems really well thought out, but I think it would be too tedious to program in all of these kinds of arrows and quivers for one item. Some ideas to make this less complicated:

Ancient's Bow: Has the effects of starblessed and glutton's quivers, but nerfed. (no starblessed or glutton's quivers, as they provide too much of an effect for permanent use.)

Silky, Soft and Scale-Plate Quivers, in my opinion, should not be added as they do not fit well with the don't starve theme of survival and instead focuses more on just awesome looking and superpowered weapons.

The fur-lined Quiver fits perfectly as it is more based on survival and could be used as a distraction to run away, or could be used as a weapon to fight, giving it more uses than just damage.

Everything else seems like an amazing idea, this is probably the best idea I have seen on the forum so far.

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Bows have already been suggested quite a few times - unfortunately they just don't conform to the theme of Don't Starve, which I have to agree with.

Slingshots have also been suggested as they seem to fit in a wee bit better, but they've not been implemented as of yet, and - unfortunately - I doubt they ever will be. :(

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