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  1. D) I think that if you are hit by the hurricane ducks you are stunned temporarily.
  2. Insulators, or stuff that makes you warm-puffy vest, beefalo hat, thermal stone- only slow down the freezing process they do not negate it entirely and if you only have one thermal stone in your inventory with nothing else you are likely to freeze a lot faster than someone with a beefalo hat, full beard, etc.
  3. Well I was cooking some monster meat to give to my pig friends but was on incredibly low health... While trying to click on the campfire Wilson got in the way ate the monster meat and died.
  4. If you hold Ctrl and click on Glommer you can already pat him.
  5. But with great boss buffs, there comes great boss drops. Basically I think there should be alternative recipes that you can create from bosses item that it drops. E.g. Deerclop's Eye. That are albeit more useful to the player. Maybe with say the Bearger's claw you could create a sword.
  6. There is a bone chest in the game files. So we should be able to hammer skeletons for bones to then make the chest.
  7. Eyeplants can't spawn on rocky turf so you can farm the leafy meat