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  1. Really sick of having to monitor tile construction to make sure critters don't get trapped in them(The seem to love walking right into the active construction tile), recently made a floor for my ranch and EVERY SINGLE SWEETLE got trapped in the floor, multiple times...
  2. I think they should have alternate effects instead of morale(due to the limited number of dupes that would use them) Lab= less material used/point (requirements research station, light souce, decor giving item) Kitchen= slower food decay and/or bonus calories(100 maybe) (requirements: kitchen station, hand washing, light source) and please give the stable an actual effect(current one does nothing, doesn't even pacify pokeshells)
  3. Had a shower thought for early/late sulfur source. what if plug slugs had a critter morph that could produce sulfur(with some effort). not sure what they'd have to eat or what conditions they would have to be exposed to for the morph to happen. grub fruit/grub fruit preserve(not the spindly kind) could be an option the snails would 1: live longer 2:unable to drown 3: move across all surfaces like plug slugs 4:no longer excrete hydrogen 5: when domesticated and in polluted water their shell will grow. can be sheared by the shearing station to produce sulfur 6: when they die they leave behind their shell(like pokeshells) which can be crushed in the rock crusher fo 50KG of sand and sulfur(allows "wild" ranching) They can only be found in the wild via a special set piece(or the base 2% egg morph chance)
  4. Why not an "auto-pilot" module(that replaces the command module) requires automation to launch. No interior, no dupes on that rocket. should be relatively high tech/material intensive
  5. I have a dream that Klei will allow us to build a space station(would require a specialized module) would allow you to get to asteroids with rarer resources even further away(refuelling station). rockets would dock directly with it using a dock(one comes with the module) rather than landing on a pad. making them self sufficient should be a challenge. and with the new space system the would allow us to build satellites that we can launch into orbit that would have various effects(one could be the late game telescope, another could shoot meteors, old/unwanted satellites and other incoming threats.... The satellites could also wear out over time and come crashing down(onto your meteor free solar panels perchance)
  6. Obviously all the dupes are copied from from Australians, were we burn up during your winter
  7. A plumbed "picther pump" is the first thing i'll mod into the game if klei doesn't implement it first(I really need the QOL building)
  8. They didn't promise any biomes or critters for this QOL, they promised them for RELEASE, so that way there would be content in the release update
  9. After a few trials i have found that with this patch Endless with caves fails to generate world or allow you to join an existing one Endless without caves works fine Survival with caves works fine. hope this helps nail down the issue
  10. The tooltip states the buff lasts 1.0 cycles, yet disappears the moment the duplicant stops eating. not sure if tooltip is wrong or acatul bug
  11. Wes... Also an insanity boss monster would be great, I remember a thread suggesting nightmare clones to fight as a boss
  12. Should be a world gen option (no, defualt(chance), always)
  13. Any of you tried refreshing ruined( is up to ruined-2 now)