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  1. Wormwood is Now Live!

    hmm short doesn't quite explain how he found the others(or escaped the hamlet world)
  2. Wormwood is Now Live!

    Doesn't seem to be available in the return of them beta(hasn't updated)
  3. I vote we can use them to make stone soup
  4. The Great Sea Cube

    expect a holy war between the 2 factions soon
  5. Warly and why he needs a rework

    with Warly being confirmed for a rework on DST, wonder if his changes will flow back to DS
  6. I wish we could also build the raft(only needs base game mats after all) but still need the oar to use it for a less cumbersome boat
  7. Finally, Warly, i have dreamed of this day for so long, but the wait will be pain
  8. Sadly i think skins for Lucy will be unlikely, as item skins are only applied when you craft the item, and since Lucy is never crafted...
  9. A plumbed "picther pump" is the first thing i'll mod into the game if klei doesn't implement it first(I really need the QOL building)
  10. They didn't promise any biomes or critters for this QOL, they promised them for RELEASE, so that way there would be content in the release update
  11. still no plumbed taps for QOL
  12. After a few trials i have found that with this patch Endless with caves fails to generate world or allow you to join an existing one Endless without caves works fine Survival with caves works fine. hope this helps nail down the issue
  13. The tooltip states the buff lasts 1.0 cycles, yet disappears the moment the duplicant stops eating. not sure if tooltip is wrong or acatul bug
  14. I wish the science hat was glasses
  15. More sanity stuff.

    Wes... Also an insanity boss monster would be great, I remember a thread suggesting nightmare clones to fight as a boss
  16. Guaranteed Pig King Spawn

    Should be a world gen option (no, defualt(chance), always)
  17. Puzzle Thread

    Any of you tried refreshing ruined( is up to ruined-2 now)