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delete cave?

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According to the game having people who were in the world before (well technically, you'll get my point) they digged the caves, which then were blocked by some stones, so... Why can't we create and block entrances to the caves (basically dispose of the current caves if we have nothing left in the current one)? I'd really like that, so after a 10k days of living I don't have to move my world to get stuff, that is non-renewable.

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The amount of caves in a world is random. I've had worlds with 1, with zero, and with up to 6. 


Also, did you explore every crevice of that cave? Because every single cave i've gone into and explored (around 25 at least) has had a nice patch of giant tentacles.

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Hi there! In a world, if I remember correctly, you can find 4 cave entrances. You'll surely find your tentacle if you insist!


And if you really don't find it, well, play Wickerbottom next time! Bahaha!

i know where my tentacle is alright. *chuckle*

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