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How it happened to Maxwell

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Chapter one
Part 1

Lounging in my chair I wondered how me and Charlie were going to pull this off. We wanted a romantic place to meet somewhere where her uncle wouldn't find us. He thought a restraunt no to casual a dump no to stinky. Suddenly a idea popped in his head a ally the one behind the lundane perfect though he would have to spice it up a little they could manage that .grabbing his paints he headed off to the ally this is going to be perfect he thought . Painting he made a scene that would be romantic when he had finished he congratulated himself and went home to grab a table after it had all been set up he went home to freshen up.

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chapter one

part two


I put on a suit and marched out the door with roses then I saw Charlie's uncle. I bolted behind a plant as he passed by safe I thought I strolled over to Charlie's house and escorted her to the ally . Mariea and Marco served us pasta. "wow "Charlie said " you did a great job"

she glanced at the detailed picture of Paris at night. He blushed he asked "did I really or are you just being nice?" Charlie told him " cant you be serious for one moment? you did amazing really."  "why thank you" he said as they ate the delicious pasta mariea sung a song and Marco played the violin. "I need to go to the bathroom" Charlie said he watched her stroll down two the store across the street he had a bad feel in his stomach "wait" he yelled out to Charlie. he heard a scream and a thump he rushed over to the street Charlie was on the floor bleeding "Charlie" he whispered. she hushed him " its ok max its ok no madder what happens you are loving and kind don't let this change you "she told him she coughed up blood. he could feel her go limp in his arms she drooped to the pavement with a sickening thud " Charlie" he said "Charlie what am I going to do without you?" his tears fell on her body. how was he going to explain this to her uncle. he sat down in the ally imagining Charlie in the other seat " say pal you don't look so good" a voice said " do you want to go some where where this never happened?" he nodded. suddenly black hand came and dragged him into the earth.  

oh I guess I didn't see them ill just edit that ou

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