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What Does Your Base Look Like?

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StaypuftMMM    70

Yeah, mostly spread things out so that I have room to keep building a bigger and bigger base.


I don't know why my birdcage is so far away, though. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I had a reason at one point, but I've completely forgotten it at this time.


Another reason is simply in case fire hounds or a Giant wanders too close. I don't want to lose everything to an unfortunate swipe of a Deerclops or Fire or something.  A little space between sections ensures that if something gets destroyed, it is contained to only that section.


Finally, I suck at planning.  Like really really bad. So by spacing things out, if I realize later on that I need more chests somewhere or some other structure nearby, I have space to put it.


Thanks for explaining.  Again, I wasn't trying to suggest you were doing anything wrong here.  

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