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  1. The next key to the puzzle will likely come out tomorrow, So everyone just needs to chill and wait. Maybe free up your schedule for tomorrow and prepare the movie snacks, whatever you want really
  2. Hey guys, I believe it to be complete coincidence but... On November 5th, 2007 – China's first lunar satellite, Chang'e 1 goes into orbit around the Moon. This has got to be the biggest coincidence ever...........right?
  3. So hyped for this! The release date for the update is my birthday! But I still have to wait another 4 days for that to happen so....
  4. Who ever the person is I think they have someone else beside them Any else see the head shaped smudge to left of the main person? No? Just me?
  5. I was referring to the execution method the vigor was based off where prisoners are put in cages and left there until they are eaten by crows But both ultimately do the the same
  6. Oh yeah, sorry I thought of murder by crows, I know a murder of crows is a group of crows.
  7. Yes I have and it is a brutal form of execution... Thinking on that, it would be the perfect punishment for Wilson for trying to escape the Island if They were able to stop him or find him again after escaping the Island. Killed by the very thing that set him free....
  8. I wouldn't mind another adventure mode, another adventure would mean another conclusion to the story.
  9. One problem with the Door. The version of Maxwell's Door that Wilson knows how to build acts a portal for the shadow hands to enter the real world from, so if Wilson builds the door all that can happen is he either is taken by the shadow hands again and thrown on a different Island or the shadow hands do nothing and leave him on the Island. I do not see this working out for Wilson, but who knows, maybe he has learnt a way to become a shadow creature and will be able to use the door to slip into the the real world through his original portal in his home, either that or another portal, the codex umbra perhaps? I can just imagine that, the codex umbra in a museum somewhere in the world, then a crazy gentlemen scientist is thrown out of its open pages. That is something I want to see. Anyone else think so?
  10. Thank you kind fellow Also, may I ask why you think so?
  11. Defeat Castor and Pollux...... If your theory is true and everything, imagine the sheer power of those two beings They would be able to create enough heat and light to be mistaken as a star. It would be impossible to defeat them or even touch Them. Unless you were able to somehow absorb all Their energy leaving Them helpless and deprived of all energy required to continue Their conscious. Anything else and They would be unbeatable.
  12. Most likely, but look Wilson's face, I think he's about ready to just give up, so any chance he has at escaping the Island, he'll take it. Also who knows, he's able to make a perfect sphere for the Alchemy Engine so he might be able to make the rocket aerodynamic enough to stay on course and not make it spiral out of control.
  13. It came from my observation of the chemical formula at the bottom of the map picture. The chemical is used in a potential rocket fuel. I just meant that Wilson was going to use the rocket to get off the Island, not to outer space, but that idea still does seem pretty awesome.
  14. Universe collapsing on itself sounds interesting. I like how you think
  15. I still think the rocket idea is the best so far But this reminds me of when Wilson was making Maxwells door. I think he may be using his "forgotten knowledge" on how to make maxwells door to make his own door He must have found a way to change to location the door transports you to