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Any way to change the current sandbox settings?

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Hi there. Im new to the game and english is not my main language, so sorry for that.


Im currently at day 240 in sandbox and now purchased the addon. Now my question is:


Is there a way to change the sandbox settings without starting a new game?

And is there a way to convert that savegame into the addon?


The thing is, that this is my first playthrough where i managed not to die early with a nice base. And Im a bit proud of it. I wanna keep that going.

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I think having a world pre-update is nice. My world that I set out to prototype and get everything in the game has no mandrakes, so I can"t...


That kinda makes me wanna start another world as Wilson, and not let a rock lobster onto the surface, but I still have fun on day 270, even if the world has been taken over by lobsters.

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I do really wish you could change settings when you teleportato to a new world. I got to about day 255 with wigfried last time around, and by that point i would have liked to teleporato out and make the next world have giants set to more or lots... yknow to increase the amount of real challenges i would face. But instead i just teleportato'd out and began to live a nomad life, travelling from one world to the next.


Though when i finally did settle down again, dragonfly ended me after 30 days, so i suppose i got what i wanted in the end.

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