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I was reading the update notes (More importantly the replys to the notes.) and while the update helped fight the great and powerful berry farms, many people (Myself included) didn't really get slowed down by the Gobblers.

Eg. I was picking my berrys and, due to some great die roll in the sky, out of (Almost)every bush popped a Gobbler, one after the other. This was quite a funny event, but in the end I just waved my spear at them and I didn't lose a single berry to the army of hungry thieves. (Note: You have no idea what it is like to scare away an army of Gobblers. It might have been the best moment in the game.)

Getting back on track. I got to thinking, what if there is a high amount of berry bushes in an area, lets say 10. A big tough Gobbler decides to move in (Possible names: Gobbler Bruiser, King Gobbler, Gobbler Squatter.) these Gobblers would be tough painful and generally hard to kill.

But however shall you deal with such a beast? My idea is, it stays and lives in your berry farm, slowly becoming fatter and fatter. Then what was once a mighty King Gobbler is now an Obese Gobbler who can't run and can't fight.

This will allow the Gobblers to knock out your berrys of a while, thus making you gather different food. But there is also somewhat of a payoff as you can cook the fat bugger.

Also, people plant their berrys near watter in order to trap Gobblers, maybe just have them jump in? It would be quite funny to watch a Gobbler jump into the sea in order to "Escape".

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I'm definitely going to agree with the first part of your post... Other then chasing around Gobblers in the wild, I've never lost a berry to one. They are a good idea, but they seem particularly ineffective at doing it...

I kind of like the Giant Gobbler, or Guarden Gobbler as I shall call it. As a secondary negetive, it could eat from your farms as well. I would say make it aggro ANYTHING that came near it, spiders, pig men, anything. That way, its also kind of a defensive bonus too. Make a few berry bush havens near your base in the hopes of attacting a Guarden Gobbler (guard, garden, get it? Well, DO YA?!).

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I personally have never had a problem with gobblers. I tend to have a multi-pronged approach to food. I set up shop near where the nearest dense rabbit population is to a beefalo herd, then from there make about 5 farms, gather ALL the berry bushes, saplings, and grasses to make a rather large farm, and start making traps for the rabbits and any birds dumb enough to get caught in the traps. Out of all my deaths thusfar, starvation has NOT been one.

However, I think your giant gobbler idea sounds interesting. But I think of it this way, a giant gobbler has to come from somewhere right? Why not make it so that if a gobbler survives long enough on the map, it grows in strength, and bravery. I wouldn't make it go so far as to be as powerful as you first intended, but with gobblers spawning every so often, it'd keep a somewhat consistent harassment of annoying, yet tasty birds.

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