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I've heard that the whole chester/spider thing is unintended and will be fixed, but another issue I have run into (at least I think its an issue) is that Webber suffers the extreme sanity drain caused by Spider Queens. As Webber I find myself trying to build up and spread spider nests around as much as I can, but when the Spider queens finally come out instead of happily dancing circles around them I have to run away or quickly go insane. To me it seems that Webber should maybe even gain sanity in the presence of a Spider Queen. Its almost like a step-mother to him.


This also brings me to another point about Webber and spiders. When I play as Webber I play as a nomad until I find one of the barren rocky areas overflowing with gold and spider dens. To Webber this is a dream home. Building a base in the middle of ten or so spider dens means you don't have to worry about hounds or treeguards. Though I've not had a bearger attack yet, I am not sure how well one would fare against the 15 or so level 3 spider dens I've built up.


Having this many spiders around offers other advantages as well. Since Webber can live off monster meat with no difficulty I start a spider civil war whenever I start running low on food. Feed spider meat to one spider, and tell it to attack another. Soon dozens of spiders are attacking each other while you run about picking up all the monster meat, spider glands, and web you can carry.

All the spider web also means making top hats is not a problem at all, so as long as you don't need insulation or protection, there is no difficulty in wearing a top hat at all times.


One thought I had to solve this is perhaps making spiders drop "Spider Legs" or something instead of Monster Meat. Make these keep the negative effects for other players, but make them have a large sanity drain for Webber. Then he can still keep his ability to eat monster meat, but not be able to cannibalize his spider kin without consequences.

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That might work, and as it turns out, 15 level three spider dens is not an impenetrable defense. Deerclops just came through and wiped out my entire base along with half the spider dens. >.<

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