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Argh + Suggestion

3 days in, I get jumped by a Giant Ambulatory Tree, proceed to run around screaming. I decide to stop being a Big Girl's Blouse and get my poking-stick out, at which point it hits me and removes all my health in one go.

Is it possible that certain creatures could only begin to be spawned when you have a level of tech which would allow you to survive, please? Or am I meant to run around in circles* until morning comes for that one?

Many thanks,


*I didn't have a torch on me so haven't tried burning it. Will try that...and y'know, remember to wear my wooden armour at night.

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That's already been implemented. Hounds won't attack you until at LEAST a few days in. Same for werepigs.

See? It just gets harder. 8P

Also, finding a giant tree that early is pretty rare, I'd assume that's just bad luck. One of those things that most of this style of game just has.

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It's very possible to kill the tree guardian without taking a hit.

Simply run past him to get him to attack, and then attack twice from below, and retreat.

Repeat the (get him to attack), (attack from below twice), (back off before he attacks again) pattern until he's dead.

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